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HALO Network Development Recap — February 2022

As the curtains close for February, we put the achievements of HALO Network for that month in the spotlight. Of course, the team has worked tremendously to keep the HALO Network blockchain going. Exactly what has been done in February? That’s what we intend to dissect in this piece.

HOSWAP Launches On BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

HALO Network’s main decentralized exchange HOSWAP is now live on the BSC. With this development, users can now enjoy the decentralized services of HOSWAP on another blockchain. This is part of HALO Network’s plan to perpetuate decentralized finance services across all blockchains.

The launch of HOSWAP on the BSC means users get to trade HOS and HOR on a different blockchain apart from HALO Network. It will also bring some much-needed exposure to the public chain considering the many perks of the DEX. Users of HOSWAP should expect more interesting features as the DEX flourishes on that blockchain.

HOSWAP launch on the BSC follows the deployment of HOS and HOR on the public chain. Initial liquidity has been added for the following trade pairs — HO/HOS, HOS/BNB, and HO/USDT. Also, liquidity mining pools are available for those interested in the passive income benefits of liquidity providing.

Having HOSWAP go live on the Binance smart chain paves the way for more users to access some novel features that are currently only available on the eccentric DEX. For instance, the cross-chain LP functions and the NFT marketplace that’s coming much later. Things are certainly bound to get interesting on that blockchain.

Liquidity mining on HOSWAP has seen more than 3 million $USDT committed to both pools as the tasty APYs continue to attract investors looking to maximize their returns.

Collaboration With ZEED Labs

HALO Network has teamed up with ZEED Labs, a leading outfit in the proliferation of DeFi and NFT. Through this collaboration, both parties will work together towards ensuring the growth of the digital ecosystems of DeFi and NFTs.

This partnership is part of HALO Network’s dedication to improving the current status of DeFi, which should improve its adoption in the long run.

$HO Gets CoinGecko Listing

One of the many requests of users is the $HO listing on CoinGecko. And now that wish is now a reality as HALO Network’s native token, HO gets listed on CoinGecko.

The importance of this listing can certainly not be overstated. CoinGecko is one of the go-to platforms for most users looking to get valuable crypto data. Previously, $HO wasn’t in the picture, but that has changed with this listing.

Since $HO is now live on CoinGecko, interested investors get access to price charts, market historical data, and relevant information regarding HALO Network’s native token. This will increase the visibility of $HO token as well as the public chain in a crypto space that’s growing at a geometric rate.

Cosmic Will Be Open To Players Soon

The blockchain-based game, Cosmic is expected to become playable soon. Cosmic was built on HALO Network to leverage the growing interest in the play-to-earn gaming space to deliver a one-of-a-kind game that keeps gamers clamoring for more while enriching their wallets.

Once Cosmic goes live, players can look forward to getting enthralled by the impressive graphics, well-thought-out content, and financial benefits that come with it. Unlike most P2E games out there, the development of Cosmic leverages several elements that will make the blockchain-based game more enticing to players notorious for being hard to please.

POS Node Staking Continues On A Record-Breaking Spree

In February, more investors pledged HO tokens on the blockchain, expecting rewards for their locked asset. This suggests the benefits of POS Node staking have caught the eyes of more users, which is no surprise when the gains obtained are compared to the possible rewards on other POS staking alternatives.

Total pledged HO tokens exceeded 6.1million $HO according to records obtained in February. The total community pledged HO tokens stand at over 18 million $HO tokens, affirming the impact of HALO Network’s Stars community program.

What To Expect In March?

As the month of February 2022 winds down to the last second, the month of March enters the spotlight. What should we expect of HALO Network in March 2022? Cosmic should go live. While this isn’t set in stone, we should get more details regarding when players can immerse themselves in the virtual reality of Cosmic. The hype is on; the blockchain-based game’s NFTs were sold out in minutes and most players are keen. NebuDAO and HALO Network are certainly enthusiastic about unleashing what’s lurking in Cosmic. What better month to do that than in March, right?

HOSWAP Should Get More Features

Though we are just a day into March– the launch of HOSWAP on BSC — that shouldn’t stop the integration of more features on HOSWAP. Of course, additional functions will be added over time, users will begin to see some of them in March. Will the much-anticipated NFT marketplace become available on HOSWAP in March?


February is the shortest month of the year, but it’s certainly not getting left behind. Several items featured in the HALO Network’s development report for February. The team has been hard at work improving the public chain, partnering with projects that bring a lot of value to the table, and making HALO Network attractive to investors. We can all see the result in this report.



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