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HALO Network Development Recap — June 2022

As the crypto winter continues unabated, ecosystems like HALO Network have remained steadfast in development. In June, the HALO Network team stayed hungry, building in silence as expected in a bear market. This piece recaps HALO Network’s progress this June. Let’s get to it!

HALO Network is now on BitKeep Wallet

In June, the HALO Network community was greeted by the news of BitKeep wallet support for the public chain. This means users of that wallet vendor can now access the HALO Network ecosystem through the BitKeep wallet interface. This addition is only available on the latest version of BitKeep (v7.0.9), so you might want to update your BitKeep app.

With this latest inclusion, you can now transact HALO Network native tokens through BitKeep. The wallet vendor will also allow dapp ecosystem use, both DeFi, and others. It’s a big step up for the chain as more people get to interact with the ecosystem.

At the moment, more than 4 different wallet vendors support the HALO Network ecosystem. That number will only increase as the public chain gains some much-needed reputation.

ONTO Wallet AMA on HALO Network

In June, the ONTO Wallet AMA was held in the HALO Network community, providing an opportunity for users to understand the benefits of the wallet vendor. The AMA also helped community members learn more about the products of the ecosystem and how they can access such using the ONTO Wallet interface.

ONTO Wallet is another wallet vendor that supports access to the public chain.

HALO Block Explorer Gets an Upgrade

HALO Network has continued to improve on its ecological components, and the ecosystem stayed on the path with changes to the HALO Block Explorer in June. With the latest adjustment, the HALO Block Explorer now comes in two different modes — dark and light modes. You’ll find these modes useful when navigating the chain.

The upgrade to the HALO Block Explorer also boosts performance while fixing bugs that limit the capacity of the HALO Network ecosystem.

About 200k wallets addresses have Transacted on HALO Network

In June, HALO Network celebrated about 200k wallet address transactions on the chain. It’s such a significant milestone for the ecosystem, especially for a HALO Network that’s barely a year in operation.

As the public chain builds a reputation that’s appealing to investors, we should see more wallet addresses interacting with the HALO Network ecosystem. 200K wallets is a good start, and it’s definitely worth applauding.

Several HOSWAP Liquidity Pools Still Active

HALO Network’s main DEX HOSWAP has been operating on the BSC for some time, allowing users to accrue $HBG tokens providing liquidity for a handful of trading pairs.

In June, some of those liquidity pools are still quite active, including HO/MOS, HO/USDT, HOS/FIL, HO/HOS, HO/FIL, and HO/RRB. The APR on these pools is subject to change as more people take interest in them. These pools are ideal for anyone looking to take advantage of high APR to earn $HBG tokens.

Expectations for July?

June 2021 hasn’t been a beehive of activities in the crypto space. With the bear market raging on, the silence has been deafening. A few projects like HALO Network have continued to build in the shadows, which is the norm in a crypto winter. Yet, the community yearns for more.

In July, we should see more engaging developments from the HALO Network team. The ecosystem’s partnership deals with other projects will start to pay off. Perhaps more dapps will take hold on the HALO Network ecosystem. Lots of developments will make it to the chain in July; users just have to stay patient and keep their eyes peeled for any news.


June hasn’t been the most spectacular for the entire crypto space including HALO Network. Aside from a few exciting news, there hasn’t been anything to hold the interest of investors. This will change soon when HALO Network’s collaborations with other parties begin to yield the desired results.

In June 2021, we saw HALO Network is now supported on the BitKeep wallet. This increases the number of crypto wallets compatible with the HALO Network ecosystem. Now, users have multiple routes to access their favorite financial products on the chain.



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