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HALO Network Development Recap — March 2022

March has been an exciting month for the crypto space. The crypto market continued on the path of recovery. March 2022 grinds to a halt, but the show must go on.

In March, HALO Network continued to develop robust products, collaborate with potential game-changers, and much more to the chagrin of naysayers. Here, we intend to recap some of the major developmental strides of HALO Network in March 2022. Let’s take a look!

New Collaborations

Partnerships are crucial in the crypto space, and the HALO Network team understands that. In March, the public chain formed new collaborations with several projects.

We witnessed HALO Network team up with Haglien in the month of March to boost the public chain’s web3 efforts. With Haglien’s Konami backstory, this move will enhance HALO Network’s web3 development. The partnership is also aimed at bolstering the play-to-earn gaming aspect of the public chain. Haglien will benefit from the liquidity, enhanced visibility, and a jumpstart on transaction flow.

This partnership between HALO Network and Haglien also comes in the sharing of Haglien Exclusive blind boxes to those staking HO tokens. It’s a good way to incentivize HO staking on the Haglien website while creating publicity for the partnership.

Another notable collaboration for HALO Network in March was with RedrubyDAO, a philanthropy platform hoping to revolutionize how donations for a charity organization are put to work. This collaboration sees the listing of the RedrubyDAO token, RRB on HOSWAP with trading pairs — RRB/HO and RRB/USDT. The Taylor Swift founded Philanthropy Platform is using blockchain to ensure accountability and transparency — attributes that are currently lacking in existing charity organizations.

RedrubyDAO will be looking to utilize the ease of payment made possible by the blockchain to support charitable causes. HALO Network is the chosen blockchain for this purpose, which will favor the public chain in greater visibility. This partnership will see both parties thrive thanks to the different benefits accrued from such a collaboration.

HOSWAP-BSC is now on the AVE Platform

Following the successful launch of HOSWAP-BSC, the DEX has seen a lot of traction. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the team at the AVE platform. The result is HOSWAP-BSC getting listed on AVE. Following this action, you can now track HO and HOS prices using avedex.cc. It’s a big boost for HOSWAP as not many decentralized exchanges get such a treatment.

As far as on-chain data is concerned, the Ave platform has been among the top choices for those seeking such data. The addition of HOSWAP-BSC is a big plus for HALO Network. With the public chain’s main DEX featuring on this platform, potential users will get to know about the chain. This move is certainly a win for HALO Network.

More POS Node Cycles Approved

In March, more POS node cycles were added to existing ones. This comes following a vote count in support of more node cycles. Such a move is geared at ensuring the stability of the system so everyone can participate. We also expect these new node cycles to improve the adoption of HALO Network in the DeFi space thanks to the inclusiveness that’s rarely seen.

The gains of the newly introduced node cycles are quite diverse, including a prosperous network, innovation, and more. It’s a move that has long been anticipated, but it’s great that the time has come.

With the inclusion of the 30-day and 60-day POS node cycles, HALO Network hopes to build a vibrant community that’s second to none.

Additional LP Pools in HOSWAP-BSC

Still in the month of March came with additional LP pools in HOSWAP-BSC. The BSC-HO/RRB LP Pool and ZEED LP Pools are now open on HOSWAP-BSC. Following this new addition, stakers can now stake BSC-HO/RRB LP tokens and earn RRB.

In the same way, stake ZEED/USDT LP tokens and earn ZEED, stake ZEED/HO LP tokens and earn HO. Stake ZEED/HOS LP tokens and earn HOS. Proceed to stake in these LPs to enjoy the decent rewards that comes with them.

Introduced the One-Click Token Issuance Module

In March, HALO Network launched the one-click token issuance feature that enables project owners on the public chain to have their personalized HORC-20 tokens. It’s a big step toward increasing the adoption of HALO Network. The HORC-20 token will operate similar to the ERC-20, but the former won’t require humongous gas fees — a situation that has driven many away from ERC-20 tokens.

The code of the one-click token issuance feature is open-source, which buds well with the public chain due to the transparency and security that comes with such an approach. It’s also noteworthy that this feature isn’t just limited to HALO Network as it can be deployed on the BSC. Expanding the support of this module beyond HALO Network is always bound to work in favor of the public chain.

One of the perks of this latest feature of HALO Network is its beneficial impact on the public chain. More projects are bound to take notice of HALO Network as it makes the chain rather project-friendly and easy to use. DeFi dapps are certainly going to be amongst the biggest beneficiaries of this feature, especially when you consider the infrastructure support they would get on HALO Network.


The month of March has seen HALO Network put in more work than ever before as the public attempts to leverage the opportunities that abound in a resurging crypto market. A lot has been achieved, resulting in a HALO Network on a different level. Expectations for the public chain continue to grow higher as HALO Network maintains its barrier-breaking conquest.

With March finally over, the new month provides HALO Network with another chance to consolidate on milestones achieved in the previous month without losing focus on the goals of the public chain.



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