HALO Network Development Recap — April 2023

Adaora Anders
HALO Network
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2 min readMay 1, 2023


It’s that time again when we recap activities on HALO Network in the last few weeks. As usual, there have been some exciting events on the chain, so let’s dig into those.

Make Web3 Pop in Hong Kong

A lot has been said about Hong Kong opening its doors to crypto outfits. And that open door policy is trickling down to Web 3 communities. The ‘Make Web3 Pop in Hong Kong’ event held this April was supported by HALO Network. It helped put the public chain in the eyes of many. The global event saw lots of Web3 outfits turn up and welcome Hong Kong to the space. Over the coming weeks, we will see Hong Kong take the place of a big player in the industry. HALO Network has started planning in that regard as the public chain is on the move to penetrate Asian countries and beyond.

Mined Blocks Exceed 12,500,000

In April, the number of mined blocks on HALO Network hit 12,500,000. That’s a huge jump from the previous numbers, which says a lot about the chain’s growing popularity.

HALO Ecology Production Weights Update

The HALO ecology production update for April is out. W3SWAP pools data showed HO/OSK-DAO and HO/HOS pools delivered production weights of 9X and 2X, respectively, in the first week of April. In the remainder of April, production weights remained fairly stable.


The ‘Make Web3 Pop in Hong Kong’ party took the spotlight, providing an opportunity for industry giants including HALO Network to come together, basking in Hong Kong’s open door policy to the crypto space. The public chain supported the event massively without derailing from the course of development.