HALO Network Development Recap — March 2023

Adaora Anders
HALO Network
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3 min readApr 1, 2023


March 2023 saw a lot of development within the HALO Network ecosystem. From major roadmap adjustments to collaborations with global outfits, the public chain made giant strides in March. In this recap, we intend to highlight the developmental progress of HALO Network I’m March 2023.

HALO Ecology Production Weights Update

The March ecology production weights update for HALO Network is out. Staked $HO LP tokens including HO/OSK-DAO and HO/HOS on the W3 mining pool and HD mining pool earned W3 and HD tokens at a production rate ranging from 50X to 200X in the first week. Subsequently, the W3 production weight dropped to between 10X and 37X depending on the chosen LP pool. While the rate varied weekly, the update for March continued until the mining of HD tokens was halted on March 22.

Mined Blocks Now Over 12,000,000

March 2023 saw HALO Network celebrate the number of mined blocks on the public chain eclipsing 12,000,000. That’s an additional 1 million more blocks mined since January. It’s a huge testament to the network’s growing popularity among users.

HD (HALO-DeFi) Mining Suspended

A lot has been said about the mining of HD, HALO Network’s DeFi-focused token. In March, the public chain announced the suspension of HD tokens. HD, a governance token of the HALO-DEFI product, has a total supply of 10 million. The HD mining pool on W3SWAP was one of the incentivized mining routes to put HD tokens in the wallets of real users.

Binance-Peg BSC-HO Listed on Moontok

In March 2023, BSC-HO, the Binance-pegged version of HALO Network’s native token, HO got listed on Moontok. This listing allowed even more robust trading of the token while bringing more exposure to the underlying blockchain, HALO Network. It’s a plus for the public chain.

Strategic Partnership with Interstellar and Megalith Capital

HALO Network is always keen on collaborating with other players in the industry towards making the space more efficient for the end users. This has informed the public chain’s latest strategic partnership with Interstellar and Megalith Capital.

The partnership with Interstellar, a digital asset management company provides users with the opportunity to have a hands-on approach to asset management.

HALO Network’s collaboration with Megalith Capital, a blockchain investment and incubation outfit enables the public chain to expand into the Hong Kong market relying on Megalith’s prowess in that area. This partnership also comes with a rejigging of the HALO Network roadmap, so it’s such a big deal.

HO breaks $2 for the first time since September 20, 2022.

HO broke the $2 price level this month for the first time since September 2022, as data analysis from CoinMarketCap shows. This hike came amidst the Network’s global partnership with Interstellar and Megalith to expand into the Hong Kong market.


March 2023 was exciting for the HALO Network ecosystem. The halting of HD mining was followed closely by strategic partnerships that should put the network on the global stage.

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