HALO Network Development Recap — May 2023

Adaora Anders
HALO Network
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2 min readMay 31, 2023


A lot has happened in May 2023, especially as it concerns the HALO Network ecosystem. While the crypto market continues to stagnate, projects like HALO Network build in silence.

This piece covers a recap of all things HALO Network as far as May 2023 is concerned. Enjoy!

HALO Ecology Production Weights Update

HALO Network Ecology production weight for May 2023 is out. The latest figures are categorized weekly, so it’s easy to track. From May 4 to June 1, the production weights of HO/OSK-DAO and HO/HOS mining pools on the W3 super farm hit 9X and 2X respectively.

Subsequent weeks saw negligible changes in the production rate, which is impressive for the superfarms.

Number of Mined Blocks Surges

In March, we saw the number of mined blocks on HALO Network exceed 12,000,000. While that statistic was widely celebrated, it only marked a new dawn for the public chain. In May 2023, the number of mined blocks on HALO Network hit 13,000,000. That is a huge deal for a new public chain that already has a token.

It’s worth noting that this increase in mined blocks on HALO Network points to a surging activity on the public chain. As more people utilize the network, mining activities on the chain grow. This explains why the number of mined blocks has been on an uptrend for months.

Strategic Partnership with QinghuoDAO

In May 2023, HALO Network entered a strategic partnership with QinghuoDAO, a Chinese Web 3 outfit. This collaboration is expected to revitalize the Web 3 world of the HALO Network ecosystem.

It is worth noting that this partnership couldn’t have been timed better as it fits in with the recent Chinese bull narrative, which should put both HALO Network and its partners in the spotlight. There has been a lot of speculation regarding the entry of Asian participants in Web 3. Lots of big players in the space have shared their opinions regarding this narrative.


May 2023 saw the HALO Network ecosystem reach milestones that were at one point mere dreams. Exceeding 13 million mined blocks as a relatively new public chain is the stuff of dreams.

We also saw the public chain enter a strategic partnership with QinghuoDAO that might have a ripple effect across the crypto space if the current narrative stays bullish. Regardless of the narrative, HALO Network will keep building a Web 3 world that has no barriers.

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