HALO Network — November 2022 — Week 1 Report

HALO Network
HALO Network
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2 min readNov 9, 2022


Here’s the report for the 1st week of November, 10/31/2022 to 11/06/2022.

HALO Chain Statistics

  • Wallet addresses: 529K
  • Total transactions: 8.061M
  • Total blocks: 9.72M
  • Total number of tokens issued: 167

Community Statistics

  • Twitter: 39K followers
  • Discord: 16K members
  • Telegram English community: 18K members
  • WeChat + Telegram Chinese community: 59K members

HO and HOS Performance

  • HO liquidity on HOSWAP: 25,471 USDT
  • BSC-HO liquidity on W3Swap: 419,037 USDT
  • BSC-HO liquidity on PancakeSwap: 216,837 USDT
  • HO price: 0.56 USDT/HO
  • HOS price: 5.42 USDT/HOS
  • HOS liquidity on HOSWAP: 13,921 USDT
  • HOS liquidity on W3Swap: 419,842 USDT


  • Node Upgrade and Update on HALO Chain: In order to expand HALO Chain to be more suitable for the smooth operation of applications, self-built auxiliary nodes and node update and upgrade was carried out for some applications, which was completed within several days.
  • The latest production weights of HALO Network on W3Swap from November 3rd to 10th have been publicly released.

Contract Addresses

  • BSC-HO: 0x41515885251e724233c6cA94530d6dcf3A20dEc7
  • BSC-HOS: 0xa0949F33FA921ca2571d469A1a4b08649838D34C
  • BSC-HOR: 0xc399DebeAa5a580D3AaBdaf1164Ed8f056D09fc8
  • HALO-HOS: 0x6b61e560daE09b2488e8fc597eABAfeafC3A5EF1
  • HALO-USDT: 0x41515885251e724233c6cA94530d6dcf3A20dEc7

About HALO Network

HALO Network is committed to shaping a completely open, decentralized, and borderless new financial system, enabling digital finance to land and bringing about breakthrough changes to the existing commercial financial system. In just over a year, its DeFi network has been built to cover more than 150 countries and regions in the world, with a peak value growth of up to 200 times. In the future, the network will feature a new comprehensive financial ecosystem layout, including but not limited to aggregated lending, infrastructure, GameFi, cross-chain use cases, oracles, stock contracts, decentralized exchanges, etc.

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HALO Network
HALO Network

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