HALO Network — October 2022 — Week 2 Report

HALO Network
HALO Network
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2 min readOct 10, 2022


Here’s the report for the 2nd week of October, 10/03/2022 to 10/09/2022.

HALO Chain Statistics

  • Wallet addresses: 518K
  • Total transactions: 7.99M
  • Total blocks: 9.32M
  • Total number of tokens issued: 155

POS Node Final Statistics

  • Total pledged power: 9,059,907.6511 HO

Community Statistics

  • Twitter: 39K followers
  • Discord: 16K members
  • Telegram English community: 19.8K members
  • WeChat + Telegram Chinese community: 59K members

HO and HOS Performance

  • HO liquidity on HOSWAP: 230,418 USDT
  • BSC-HO liquidity on W3Swap: 584,411 USDT
  • BSC-HO liquidity on PancakeSwap: 26,946 USDT
  • HO price: 0.66 USDT/HO
  • HOS price: 7.029 USDT/HOS
  • HOS liquidity on HOSWAP: 17,609 USDT
  • HOS liquidity on W3Swap: 515,324 USDT


New features

  • Gas price prediction base on the txpool, and with a rpc interface eth_gas Price Prediction for query;
  • Jam index (a quantitative index) for accessing the transaction jam status quantitatively, it’s a metrics for this index, and also a rpc interface for query: txpool_jamIndex;


  • Now the EstimateGas will return a non-exact value in order to improve the performance, and the returned gas value will be greater than the exact one, and with an error range less than 4000 gas.

Bug fixes

  • eth/filters: fix potential deadlock in filter timeout loop;
  • eth/filters: fix potential timeout in getting logs if the block range is too large, set a maxFilterBlockRange const value.

HALO Source Code

Contract Addresses

  • BSC-HO: 0x41515885251e724233c6cA94530d6dcf3A20dEc7
  • BSC-HOS: 0xa0949F33FA921ca2571d469A1a4b08649838D34C
  • BSC-HOR: 0xc399DebeAa5a580D3AaBdaf1164Ed8f056D09fc8
  • HALO-HOS: 0x6b61e560daE09b2488e8fc597eABAfeafC3A5EF1
  • HALO-USDT: 0x41515885251e724233c6cA94530d6dcf3A20dEc7



HALO Network
HALO Network

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