HALO Network — October 2022 — Week 3 Report

HALO Network
HALO Network
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2 min readOct 18, 2022


Here’s the report for the 3rd week of October, 10/10/2022 to 10/16/2022.

HALO Chain Statistics

  • Wallet addresses: 521K
  • Total transactions: 8.01M
  • Total blocks: 9.44M
  • Total number of tokens issued: 155

POS Node Final Statistics

  • Total pledged power: 9,079,905.731 HO

Community Statistics

  • Twitter: 39K followers
  • Discord: 16K members
  • Telegram English community: 19K members
  • WeChat + Telegram Chinese community: 58K members

HO and HOS Performance

  • HO liquidity on HOSWAP: 29,629 USDT
  • BSC-HO liquidity on W3Swap: 497,328 USDT
  • BSC-HO liquidity on PancakeSwap: 253,867 USDT
  • HO price: 0.78 USDT/HO
  • HOS price: 8.354 USDT/HOS
  • HOS liquidity on HOSWAP: 21,708 USDT
  • HOS liquidity on W3Swap: 597,321 USDT


  • The block output of HO has been stopped on October 17th. The final reward block is stopped at 9,463,000.
  • The HALO Ecology is playing steadily in W3Swap. The production weight has increased signficantly.
  • The 2022 HALO Hackathon is coming soon! HALO Network has been dedicated for long time to promote the ecological popularity. In order to empower quality project partners to build and implement DeFi, GameFi, NFT and Web3 projects on HALO Chain. HALO Network will launch a one-year Hackathon to introduce the ecology to deploy dApp in HALO Chain through nodes or communities, so as to build a strong HALO ecology.

Contract Addresses

  • BSC-HO: 0x41515885251e724233c6cA94530d6dcf3A20dEc7
  • BSC-HOS: 0xa0949F33FA921ca2571d469A1a4b08649838D34C
  • BSC-HOR: 0xc399DebeAa5a580D3AaBdaf1164Ed8f056D09fc8
  • HALO-HOS: 0x6b61e560daE09b2488e8fc597eABAfeafC3A5EF1
  • HALO-USDT: 0x41515885251e724233c6cA94530d6dcf3A20dEc7

About HALO Network

HALO Network is committed to shaping a completely open, decentralized, and borderless new financial system, enabling digital finance to land and bringing about breakthrough changes to the existing commercial financial system. In just over a year, its DeFi network has been built to cover more than 150 countries and regions in the world, with a peak value growth of up to 200 times. In the future, the network will feature a new comprehensive financial ecosystem layout, including but not limited to aggregated lending, infrastructure, GameFi, cross-chain use cases, oracles, stock contracts, decentralized exchanges, etc.

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HALO Network
HALO Network

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