HALO Network Development Recap — October 2022

Adaora Anders
HALO Network
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4 min readOct 30, 2022


‘Uptober’ saw a massive rally in crypto prices, but that hasn’t derailed the HALO Network team from the path of development. In this piece, we intend to recap some of the HALO Network progress made in October. Let’s get to it.

HALO Network Source Code Updated

In October, the source code of HALO Network got updated to include new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Everyone knows how important the source code of a public chain is to its efficiency and capability, so it’s great to see the changes made to the code. The latest upgrade in the source code saw the introduction of gas price prediction using the tx pool combined with the rpc interface eth_gas price prediction. The source code update also supports the jam index which allows users to access the transaction jam status quantitatively.

With the changes to the HALO Network source code, the EstimateGas module will bring up a non-exact value, which should translate to an improvement in performance. Users can expect an error range that’s much lower than 4000 gas.

The source code change will also include bug fixes that range from deadlock in the filter timeout loop to the max filter block range bug fix.

HALO Network source code changes are bound to improve the general user experience with the blockchain.

The 2022 HALO Hackathon Announced

October came with the news of the 2022 HALO Hackathon announcement. This is HALO Network’s 2nd Hackathon. Like any hackathon, this offers new promising projects the opportunity to be onboarded into the ecosystem. The previous installment saw the rise of some of HALO Network’s most inspiring projects.

The 2022 HALO Hackathon will take place between October 2022 and October 2023. Participating projects will need to meet certain conditions to be considered for the hackathon.

HALO Network hopes to introduce more dapps into the ecosystem through the one-year hackathon.

HALO Network Enters Deflationary Phase

HALO Network entered its deflationary phase in October. This means the block output of HO tokens has come to an end — no more HO tokens can be mined.

Available information confirms the final block reward count was at 9,463,000. Anyone staking will be duly updated on reward claims when they’re available.

HALO Network Node Election Launched

In October, the HALO Network node election was launched. The node election provides an opportunity for the introduction of new, refreshing nodes to enter the HALO Network ecosystem.

Interested node owners will need to apply that effect. At the moment, the node foundation serves as the main route for funding for light link nodes, but ecological funds will soon play a role as well.

HALO Network Partnership with Bovine Verse

Partnerships have featured greatly in HALO Network’s 2022, and that didn’t change in October. The public chain entered into a collaboration with Bovine Verse, a gamefi project. Bovine Verse is launching its first game, Interstellar Rangeland, and this partnership with HALO Network is expected to bolster its resource access while expanding the HALO ecosystem’s gamefi. Both entities have promised to work together for the good of this collaboration.

The ecological cooperation with Bovine Verse is perceived to introduce more consumer routes for HALO Network’s native token, HO. With more sinkholes for cryptocurrency, the value of HO is expected to rise. This is in addition to the immense benefit this will provide HO users in the Bovine Verse.

Transactions on HALO Network Hikes

In October, the total number of transactions on HALO Network exceeded 8 million. It’s a clear indication that more users are embracing the new generation blockchain. Arguments can also be made for the partnership agreements signed by HALO Network.

These new collaborations tend to expand the community, leading to more transactions on the chain.


The HALO Network community witnessed lots of interesting developments in October. The source code update might be the biggest one of such considering the far-reaching effects it brings to the table. Yet, you can’t ignore the HALO Network Hackathon, which is a one-year-long series of events aimed at bolstering the ecosystem with promising dapps. There’s also the partnership deal with Bovine Verse that could ignite the gamefi space through its avalanche of blockchain games. October has been spectacular for HALO Network; will November be even more magical for the public chain?