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HALO Network Partners With ZEED And FAR Ecosystem To Accelerate The Growth Of DeFi & NFT

HALO Network recently partnered with FAR Ecosystem and ZEED. The collaboration between the trio is expected to change the narrative in NFTs and the crypto space as a whole.

What Does The Partnership Mean For Crypto?

Partnerships are formed for different reasons. The collaboration between HALO Network, ZEED, and FAR Ecosystem is no different; each party offering something unique.

The partnership between the trio is expected to inspire changes in how non-fungible tokens are used. All three partners are collaborating to innovate on the use of NFTs.

Through the collaboration between HALO Network, ZEED, and FAR, the NFT ecosystem success of ZEED can be replicated on FAR. HALO Network’s involvement in this process is that of a connector — HALO bridge helps bring the ZEED’s NFT setup to the FAR Ecosystem.

HALO bridge also helps make it possible to access ZEED’s NFT on different blockchains. This adds variety to the NFT stock, improving what’s obtainable from the non-fungible tokens.

One reason why this partnership between HALO Network, ZEED, and FAR Ecosystem augurs well for the crypto space is the interests of all parties involved. HALO Network is a blockchain dedicated to seeing DeFi dApps reach their maximum potential. ZEED’s support for DeFi protocols is well-known.

The partnership between the trio will also focus on making these projects more suited to the changing times. ZEED’s DAO status combined with FAR Ecosystem and HALO Network’s versatile blockchain will be an unstoppable force in the crypto space.

The Importance Of This Partnership To HALO Network

All parties in this collaboration stand to gain a lot — and that includes HALO Network. Through this partnership, the novel blockchain is expected to enjoy the spotlight as more developers and users become aware of it.

The NFT ecosystem is one of the areas that HALO Network hopes to penetrate, especially when you consider there are dominant players in that space. By teaming up with FAR Ecosystem and ZEED, HALO Network puts itself right in contention for the NFT market volume.

The Choice Of ZEED

HALO Network’s collaboration with ZEED isn’t something many might have expected. Yet, it’s happening for a myriad of reasons. The decentralized framework of ZEED and its DAO status do suffice.

With ZEED being a project where the community truly calls the shots, the partnership with HALO Network was bound to happen.

Also, ZEED and HALO Network are driven by the same principles of supporting more efficient DeFi dApps. This explains the partnership between both parties as they join forces to provide DeFi protocols with the needed support.

Why FAR Ecosystem?

HALO Network has also teamed up with FAR Ecosystem, a project dedicated to improving the status of the NFT space.

Currently, NFTs are seen as some money-spinner — a situation that’s unhealthy for the metaverse. FAR Ecosystem intends to change all that, bringing some standards to the world of NFTs.

HALO Network supports the idea of a more robust NFT development that’s not entirely money-driven. The partnership with FAR Ecosystem helps the blockchain realize that purpose.

Though FAR Ecosystem is relatively new to the NFT space compared to other players, the project holds its own in many other ways. FAR has the personnel to create actual value for NFTs than what’s currently obtainable. Value drives the valuation of any asset. And if NFTs are to take their place in the asset class, they have to offer more value.

Why HALO Network Is The Ideal Partner

These projects — FAR Ecosystem and ZEED — couldn’t have a better partner than HALO Network. What HALO Network brings to the table is not what you’d get easily elsewhere.

HALO Network serves as the perfect conduit for financial operations. The blockchain’s support for DeFi activities and its growing interest in the color world of NFTs makes it the perfect fit for these collaborations.

A clear case of HALO Network’s suitability for these partnerships is its innovative products.

There’s the novel DEX, HOSWAP with its unique features that most DeFi users will find convenient.

HALO bridge is another product that’s hard to miss as it makes cross-chain activities possible. It’s certain to put the competition out of business due to the HALO bridge’s ease of use and cheaper fees.


The partnership between HALO Network, ZEED, and FAR Ecosystem will reverberate within the crypto space. By teaming up, all parties share a lot of insight, which helps engender the growth of these projects.

All these partners are global giants with a huge following, so it will be interesting to see how the collaboration goes. Regardless of the status of the parties involved in the collaboration, its success lies on solutions they’re willing to offer users. People are not moved by status in the crypto space, but by what’s being offered. The partnership between HALO Network, ZEED and FAR Ecosystem will offer something exceptional to the crypto community.

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