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HALO Network Sets To Launch Decentralized Crypto Exchange, HOSWAP

Decentralized exchanges are fast becoming the go-to choice for transactions on the blockchain. These financial products offer many benefits over their centralized counterpart, so it is no surprise to see the crypto space embrace these products.

HALO Network’s much talked about decentralized crypto exchange, HOSWAP sets to go live between September 15, 2021, and September 21st, 2021. And the crypto space is anxious. But what is all the fuss about HOSWAP?

What To Expect?

The launching of HOSWAP will usher in a new era in the De-Fi world. As far as decentralized exchanges are concerned, HOSWAP brings a lot to the table compared to the competition.

HOSWAP stands out in several ways. One of such is the DEX’s compatible trading models. While most decentralized exchanges rely on automated market makers alone, HOSWAP offers its users the luxury of choice.

On HOSWAP, two distinct trading models are available — HMM nodal market maker and AMM automated market maker. Both models have their distinct attributes, which improve the dexterity of the HOSWAP DEX.

On the liquidity front, HOSWAP gets its right with the use of virtual reserves. This solves a possible liquidity crunch that is notorious among DEXs.

Where other DEXs struggle in offering a set LP rate, HOSWAP makes available multiple liquidity provider rates. The LP rates cover assets of varying risks, providing liquidity providers with sufficient incentives to handle highly risky trading pairs.

The liquidity provider’s rate chosen depends on the volatility of the trading pairs. With more volatile assets, LP rates go higher. You don’t see this variation in other DEXs except for HOSWAP.


The decentralized exchange market has lots of players. Many DeFi protocols are floating DEXs, so what is in it for the users? Interestingly, HOSWAP offers many benefits to the average user. Many of these benefits set the decentralized exchange apart.

The capital efficiency of HOSWAP is one of its strengths. It is uncommon to see a DEX with a capital efficiency in four figures, yet HOSWAP achieves this feat through the hybrid liquidity accuracy control. That is a new functionality that users can expect on HOSWAP.

One of the reasons why HOSWAP is bound to be a favorite among users is the Range Order addition. This new feature gives users more control over their transactions. It is a step up on the limit order that has become a staple on centralized exchanges.

Through a ranger order, you can transact assets within a specific price range. What makes a range order truly special is that you stand a better chance of buying the bottom — all you need is to set the preferred range order.

Liquidity providers can navigate granularity on HOSWAP as cost calculation is relatively straightforward. The DEX’s reliance on relative values for sensitive items like pricing makes this possible.

The HALO Oracle Advantage

A decentralized exchange is only as good as its data sources. Fortunately, HALO Network’s decentralized oracle, HALO Oracle provides HOSWAP with quality data sources.

HALO Oracle leverages a combination of quotation node and convergence modes to furnish HOSWAP with quality data sources.

Quotation node involves the use of algorithms to calculate the best prices for assets. Yet, that is not always enough in the decentralized crypto space.

HALO Oracle also combines multiple data sources — on-chain and off-chain — in meeting the quality data needs of HOSWAP. The oracle’s on-chain data sources consist of nodes that push verified data. HALO Oracle also captures off-chain data through its convergence modes.

Though HALO Oracle will power the data sourcing of HOSWAP, the DEX is not its only client. HALO Oracle will be providing all the De-Fi protocols with connection to quality data.

How HOSWAP Compares To Other DEXs

A side-by-side comparison of HOSWAP with other DEXs reveals one thing: HALO Network’s main DEX will fit the DeFi narrative.

Inspired by Ethereum’s Uniswap, HOSWAP checks all the relevant boxes. The use of two market maker modes will make the DEX popular among decentralized traders.

The many innovative features of HOSWAP — range order, variable liquidity provider rates, and more — puts the DEX above its peers. You don’t often see a DEX with these innovative features since Uniswap.

The fee structure of HOSWAP gives it a competitive edge. HOSWAP’s fees will be much lower than Uniswap, which is something retail will be pleased with.

Security is another area where HOSWAP triumphs among notable DEXs. The decentralized exchange stays safe by subjecting transactions to consensus voting. Despite the prevalence of hacks and exploits, HOSWAP users need not worry.


The launch of HOSWAP in September should throw the De-Fi space into a frenzy. HALO Network has outdone itself. It is not often you see a DEX with as many innovative features as HOSWAP.

Once HOSWAP is in full swing, users can expect to witness the future of DEX trading like never before.

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