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Tutorial: How to Bridge BSC-HO to HALO Network via HALO Bridge using MetaMask

The following steps will teach you how to bridge BSC-HO to HALO Network to make it available for staking in the HALO POS Node.

Step 1:

Open MetaMask and select Binance Smart Chain Mainnet as network. Log in to open your wallet. Make sure you have BSC-HO to perform the cross-chain transaction.

Step 2:

Open the HALO Bridge by going to http://halo.land and clicking Bridge under Eco-System. You can also go to the following link directly: http://halo.land/#/bridgePage

Step 3:

Select HO in the Assets list. Enter the Amount of HO you want to bridge.

Click the authorize button to continue.

Click Confirm to continue authorizing the transaction.

Click Confirm again to complete the transaction.

Step 4:

Open your MetaMask wallet and switch the network to HALO Mainnet.

Check your HO balance. Just disregard the BSC logo for now. The HO logo will be updated soon.

You can now stake HO in the HALO POS Node to earn daily HO rewards.



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