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Tutorial: How to Buy HO on PancakeSwap

STEP 1: Go to the Settings page, find the Networks and click “Add Network”

STEP 2: Enter the following data:

After that, click “Save” to add BSC Mainnet to your MetaMask wallet.

Congratulations! You now have a MetaMask wallet configured for BSC. You can now store your BEP20 tokens and connect your MetaMask wallet to dApps on the Binance chain. That is, to the decentralized exchange Pancake swap.

Now expand the list of networks and select BSC Mainnet. You can add and manage all BEP20 tokens from this network.

Top up your BNB and USDT balance and withdraw with BEP20 (BSC) using Binance Bridge.

Binance Bridge enables its users to bring tokens to Binance Chain and BSC from the Ethereum network. In order to use it, connect your MetaMask wallet (Ethereum network) with Binance Bridge. You can swap your ETH or USDT (or some other assets) to the equivalent of pegged tokens on Binance Chain or BSC and transfer them to your BSC account in MetaMask.

Finally, having deposited funds on BSC, you can get started with PancakeSwap by connecting PancakeSwap with your MetaMask wallet, while selecting the BSC network on MetaMask.

STEP 3: Go to “Browser”, search “PancakeSwap” and connect to MetaMask.(You can also choose other wallet if you are more familiar)

STEP 4: Select “USDT” for the top“ From” section ,copy and paste HO contract address into the “To” section at the below. Then press the “Import” button.

Please take note that the contract address will be announced on 21:00 25th June(UTC+8)on Weibo and Twitter.

STEP 5: After that, there will be a warning message . Please check the “I understand” then continue “import”.

STEP 6: Then, press “Max” if want to convert all USDT for HO. At the same time pancake swap will also show how many token can be swapped. “Approve USDT” to authorize pancake swap to perform USDT transaction for you, then press “Swap” to confirm swap.

STEP 7: After that dialog will be prompted, press “Confirm Swap“ then confirmation dialog of wallet will be prompted. Confirm the payment and input wallet password to confirm the swap of USDT to HO. If the process fail, try to adjust the slippage higher.



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