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Tutorial: How to Claim HO Staking Rewards in the HALO POS Node

The following steps will teach you how to claim your HO staking rewards in the HALO POS Node.

Step 1:

Open MetaMask and select HALO Mainnet as network. Log in to open your wallet. Make sure you have enough HO to cover the fee in claiming the staking rewards.

Step 2:

Open the HALO POS Node by going to https://halo.land and clicking POS Node under Eco-System. You can also go to the following link directly: https://halo.land/#/pos

Step 3:

Click Withdraw to collect HO staking rewards.

Click Confirm to approve the transaction.

Checked Received section to confirm.

You can also check the History page to see the history of your claim HO staking rewards.

You have now successfully claimed your HO staking rewards in the HALO POS Node.




HALO Network is an efficient blockchain network system. It provides one-stop integration of DeFi application level with decentralized, energy efficient and low-cost transaction structure with traditional financial instruments.

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HALO Network

HALO Network

HALO Infinite Financial System: Illuminate the Infinity of Blockchain

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