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The HALO Explorer Has Been Upgraded to Better Serve Users

As an innovative financial public chain with great value, HALO Network has been promoting the common progress of itself and the entire industry. It is committed to creating a global public chain model to provide its users with an extremely safe, open, transparent, and completely decentralized financial ecosystem.

To this end, HALO Network has been serving under high requirements with a fast speed. By improving technical capabilities, enriching its ecosystem, and optimizing user services, HALO Network has promoted the explosive growth of the whole ecosystem. In particular, HALO Network has made numerous updates in the HALO explorer alone, as it enters an important phase of its global development.

Adding Chinese as a Language Option to Serve Global Users

HALO Network as a leading public chain ecosystem, especially pays attention to service requirements from various users. Therefore, apart from English, now Chinese is available as a language option, to cater to different language needs for globalization. All supported languages in the online web browser can be detected and adapted automatically by the browser and different language users. Thus, HALO Network will be convenient and efficient around the world.

More Information Is Displayed Based on Users’ Feedback

In order to fully understand the voice of users, HALO Network actively opens various interaction channels, hoping that based on the feedbacks and expression of first-tier users, to update the features of the HALO explorer as soon as possible. In the latest upgrade, the explorer home page is extended for more content, including the HO current price that users are concerned about, circulation, market value, and other data. Those data can be clearly mastered through the explorer. In the future, we will continue to consolidate the data display section to provide users with a rich perspective of data. Currently, HO’s current price is $2.50, HO’s total market capitalization is over $50 million, and the HALO Network has 450,000 + public chain addresses. These data show the high ecological and market demand for HO.

Exporting CSV in Decimal Places for Users to Really Control Data

In order to provide more detailed and clear transaction records and facilitate users to control the details of their own assets, HALO explorer has recently optimized the display of exported data from CSV. After the optimization, the exported data can be accurate to normal decimal places. Through the upgrade, users can experience more advanced functions for data insights to enjoy the refined operation of the innovative DeFi public chain. HALO Network welcomes you to try it yourself.

In addition to the latest updates mentioned above, different areas of the ecosystem are also being quietly upgraded in sync. Entering a new stage, HALO Network has already realized that pattern determines the future and strategy determines the journey. As long as we diligently explore every possibility, it is possible to create the future and even lead the future.

With the maturation of the underlying framework and the continuous expansion of community consensus, more applications will be included for richer board functions. After that, more diverse users around the world will finally reach a consensus on HALO Network. We look forward to such a future.



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