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The Innovation of HALO Network by Exploring GameFi Ecosystem

The GameFi track has been a lucrative sector in the crypto world for the last six months. In particular, this sector is still booming as we just see the arrival of 2022. Different types of blockchain games are emerging, with various functions such as battle, card collection, synthesis, and breeding. Besides, innovative concepts, such as the P2E economic model and metaverse ecosystem, are introduced.

It is fair to say that the emergence of GameFi offers a different development path for the crypto industry in 2022, bringing new opportunities to dark-horse projects achieving leapfrog growth.

In such a context, recently, the leading public chain dark-horse project, HALO Network, enters the metaverse track by joining Cosmic, the first GameFi project of NebuDAO, through its profound industry experience.

The Innovation of HALO Network Through Cosmic

When the metaverse concept first became popular, HALO Network formed a consensus among GameFi players thanks to its diverse infrastructure. They organized voluntarily into NebuDAO based on HALO NETWORK. Recently, HO has been designated as the circulating token in the upcoming Cosmic introduced by NebuDAO, boosting the development of the metaverse ecosystem of HALO Network.

Cosmic, a Trendy GameFi Project

Cosmic is an NFT card game where players can battle with each other in an enchanted land as the background. The game plot unfolds according to the cards, through which players can battle and explore in the magic world. In this way, they can enjoy enormous GameFi dividends while unlocking new gameplays.

Supported by carefully designed UI and out-of-the-box gaming mechanism, Cosmic can outperform the existing blockchain games after integrating finance, culture, and gaming together. This is why HALO Network has chosen to establish a partnership with Cosmic in its metaverse layout.

Building a Metaverse Prototype to Provide Outstanding GameFi Experience

The cooperation with Cosmic is significant in HALO Network’s deep exploration of the metaverse ecosystem. During the exploration, HALO Network can be more influential among users in the cyber world through the gameplay and GameFi mechanism of Cosmic. At the same time, the blockchain game can be empowered by the innovative underlying public chain, becoming a comprehensive GameFi application featuring decentralization, transparency, stability, security, and financial liberalization. This can give birth to a prototype of the metaverse ecosystem in HALO Network

Meanwhile, all early-bird users of NebuDAO-BSC-HO will be in the NFT whitelist to buy NFTs at a discount based on their levels.

Conclusion and Vision

The new application of HO in Cosmic can not only make the token more applicable, but also contribute new growth in the metaverse industry. Besides, this application can bring new possibilities to explore innovative ideas of crypto technologies, which haven’t been innovated for a long time, meeting users’ diverse entertainment and investment needs.

It is expected that the metaverse, a lucrative field, will witness an industry explosion eventually through HALO Network’s exploration underpinned by technological iteration and industrial breakthroughs.



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