The Release of the HALO Ecosystem Roadmap to Regain Momentum

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2 min readMar 2, 2023


Through the chaos and industry reshuffle in 2022, the HALO ecosystem has withstood the challenges and pressures from the market. However, its original roadmap has been affected. So now it is not implemented to a certain extent.

Considering the current crypto market, its conditions are favorable for the HALO ecosystem to grow again. Now we announce the annual strategic roadmap for the ecosystem in 2023:

[The Core Guideline] Introducing External Builders

HALO will enter into a deep, all-weather strategic partnership with Megalith Capital to build its ecosystem.

Megalith Capital is a professional blockchain investment and incubation institution. This cooperation will enable HALO Network to rapidly expand its user base in the Hong Kong market through Megalith’s industry resources. After that, the layout of the HALO Network ecosystem can be more complete with a series of collaborations.

The details of the strategic roadmap should be sorted out first for the ecosystem to grow.

March 2023:
🔸 The announcement of the first batch of external partners to direct traffic flow to the ecosystem.

Q2 2023:
🔸 The official listing of the token on the global TOP15 CEXs

Q3 2023
🔸 The expansion of the ecosystem into European/Southeast Asian/North American communities to be key forces for regaining growth.
🔸 More liquidity will be generated for HO, which will be listed on 5 global top CEXs for bringing endless resources to the empowered HALO ecosystem in the future.
🔸 The three ecosystems in the community will be incubated in a shorter period for their launch.

Q4 2023:
🔸 Getting more than 1 million active users
🔸 Holding another node election to bring new blood into ecosystem governance in consensus

We are in the most disruptive stage to grow. In 2023, we will return with the bull market to expand rapidly again.

Please follow official announcements in the community for more details.



HALO Network
HALO Network

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