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Tutorial: How To Claim HOS-IDO Tokens Using MetaMask Desktop Version

The following steps will teach you how to claim your HOS-IDO tokens if you have successfully participated in the HOS-IDO token sale.

Step 1:

Go to https://swap.halo.land/genisis/index.html#/ and connect MetaMask. Select HALO Mainnet as network. Log in to open your wallet. Make sure you have enough HO to cover the fee in claiming the HOS-IDO tokens.

Step 2:

Once connected, it will show the total amount of HOS-IDO you have and the total amount of HOS-IDO you can claim.

Step 3:

Click the receive button to claim the available HOS-IDO tokens.

After successfully claiming the HOS-IDO tokens, it will show up under Received.

Step 4:

Open your MetaMask wallet to verify if you received the HOS-IDO tokens on your wallet.

Note: The steps are the same for the other wallets like TokenPocket, Hashpay Wallet and MetaMask mobile version.



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