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Epoch 4 Updates & Governance Voting Proposal

Greetings Fellow Halonauts

HaloDAO has released the liquidity rewards for our Epoch 4! Please refer to the rewards breakdown below and take note that these RNBW liquidity rewards are not necessarily fixed. If the team and community decides that one pool needs more focus, then the team will increase the rewards proportion for that pool accordingly.

Rewards Breakdown — EPOCH 4

We will be releasing the following total RNBW rewards across both Ethereum and Polygon for Epoch 4. Additionally in this upcoming Epoch, we hope to launch 2 additional pools namely fxPHP:USDC & Tagcash PHP:USDC pool!

Shoutout to all my Filipino Halonauts🇵🇭

Ethereum Mainnet

Polygon Matic

Governance Voting 🏛️

One of HaloDAO’s main core values is to be a community-driven protocol where Halonauts play an active role in voicing their opinions and directly influencing the core decisions of the protocol. Hence we aim to encourage Governance Voting in ensuring a more fair and decentralised platform🤝.

Now reaching our 4th Epoch, HaloDAO has dispersed a sizable amount of tokens through our liquidity mining programme therefore expanding our communities’ voting power. Thus, we believe that it’s time for the community to play an active role in deciding the steps to be taken by the protocol. For our very first governance proposal, we will be discussing the launch of the upcoming fxPHP:USDC pool and TagCash PHP:USDC pool, as well as listing of the TagCash PHP stablecoin on HaloDAO’s Bridge.

We’ll be utilizing Snapshot for DAO voting as it provides a no-fee voting system that allows RNBW and xRNBW holders to vote without much friction. Our first Snapshot vote will be conducted today and will conclude on 17th Nov, 9PM SGT (1PM UTC)

🗳️Proposal Details : Deployment of fxPHP:USDC on our v1 AMM

👉Click here to vote : https://tinyurl.com/y4a9byau

Do join us this Wednesday, 9PM SGT (1PM UTC) for our next Community Call where we will be having a walk through of the entire governance process. At the same time, we will also be showcasing the results of our first governance proposal. We look forward to building an engaged user base that can truly and directly influence the platform.



Halo is building the tools and infrastructure to enable everyday people, no matter what background nor income bracket, to participate in self sovereign and unhindered commerce

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