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Epoch 5 Updates

Happy Tuesday Fellow Halonauts!

Christmas came early this year and We’re happy to announce that HaloDAO has deployed the liquidity rewards for our Epoch 5! In this Epoch, we will also be expanding the deployment of our AMM to the Arbitrum Network. In this article, we will be walking you through the rewards breakdown for this coming epoch, product updates from our Arbitrum deployment and some important announcements with regards to certain pools that we will be suspending.

1. Rewards Breakdown — EPOCH

We will be releasing the following total RNBW rewards across Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum for this Epoch 5. Please refer to the rewards breakdown below and take note that these RNBW liquidity rewards are not necessarily fixed. If the team and community decides that one pool needs more focus, then the team will increase the rewards proportion for that pool accordingly.

Ethereum Mainnet

Epoch 5 Rewards Distribution for pools on Mainnet

Polygon Matic Mainnet

Epoch 5 Rewards Distribution for pools on Polygon


Epoch 5 Rewards Distribution for pools on Arbitrum

2. We’re live on Arbitrum!🚀

HaloDAO is happy to announce that we are now live on the Arbitrum network. This deployment is especially crucial and beneficial for mainstream users as Arbitrum seeks to address the cost-prohibitive nature that Ethereum offers as a result of its skyrocketing transaction fees and its scalability issues. Thus being a community driven protocol that prioritises on the user experience of our Halonauts’ community, we have decided to deploy our AMM on Arbitrum. Additionally, we are working with https://handle.fi that directly supports minting of synthetic FX stablecoins from ETH collateral. Our deployment will enable a smoother experience from minting to swapping, supplying liquidity and liquidity mining with HandleFi’s FX tokens on our AMM v1.

Please note that our AMM on Arbitrum will operate in the same way as per our Polygon deployment with exception of the bridge function. We will be disabling the bridge function on the Arbitrum network since we will only be supporting the fxPHP:USDC pool in this coming epoch and also given that fxPHP can be minted directly on the Arbitrum Network. As for users who would like to bridge their fxPHP from Mainnet to Arbitrum, you can do so via the bridge that can be found on Handle.fi’s dApp here.

3. Discontinuing Pools

Please note that from this epoch onwards, we will be discontinuing all the TrustToken pools on the Polygon Network and the TAUD:USDC pool on Mainnet. However, do note that the remaining TrustToken pools (TGP:USDC & TCAD:USDC) on Mainnet will remain operational.

The HaloDAO team has chosen to suspend these pools as a result of the low organic liquidity built up over the span of 3 consecutive epochs. By doing so, this allows us to redistribute the rewards allocation from these discontinued pools to our existing live pools on our AMM.

🚨Important Notice🚨: For liquidity providers in these discontinued pools, please be aware that there is no time limit as to when you are required to unstake your LP tokens. These discontinued pools will be moved to our “Inactive pools” tab as seen in the image below will no longer be accruing any rewards. For more information on how to unstake your liquidity click here.



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