HaloDAO partnership with TrustToken PR features!

PR features

HaloDAO partnership with TrustToken PR features!

We are thrilled to announce that HaloDAO’s partnership with TrustToken was featured in over 20 PR articles and in 7 different languages!

By integrating with TrustToken, we hope to expand the marketplace with expanded support for TAUD, TCAD, TGBP and THKD and grow these liquidity networks. This enables local communities to emerge and consolidate around HaloDAO.

Moving forward, HaloDAO will be enabling these stablecoin pools in the upcoming v1 product projected to launch in September 2021. We look forward to the community supporting these pools as well.

Building Use Cases for International Stablecoins

With the growing usage of DeFi products and Play-to-Earn Games, there is a compelling need to localize trades and transfers. Many play-to-earn gamers today face difficulties in securing their in-game earnings due to the lack of ability to swap the gaming tokens to a stable asset. This inefficiency to secure earnings from trading or gaming is possibly restricting the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

HaloDAO believes that the future of crypto will necessarily require the rise of local stablecoins emerging so that users can easily trade and access these innovations with a currency that acquires a sense of familiarity and security for them.

“TrustToken offers a wide selection of non-USD stablecoins and boasts an impeccable reputation and regulatory standing, making it almost a critical partner for HaloDAO,” said Jun Yong, Co-Founder of HaloDAO. “Like for many other attempts at non-USD stablecoins, it’s safe to say that adoption of any token beyond TUSD has been limited so far. We believe it’s an issue of liquidity and usability in the market, and together we can finally give a proper spin to this adoption flywheel, creating meaningful non-USD crypto markets.”

About TrustToken

TrustToken builds modern financial infrastructure to make economic opportunity open to all. TrustToken’s TrueCurrencies (TUSD, TGBP, THKD, TCAD, TAUD) are the world’s first and only independently live-attested, fully collateralized stablecoins.

Collectively trading on over 100 exchanges and OTC desks, TrueCurrencies generate billions in monthly volume in +150 countries. Enjoy near instant transactions, the lowest transaction costs of any stablecoin, easy exchange between fiat, obsessive customer service and easy access to earning opportunities.

The TrueFi platform is pioneering a new approach to on-chain uncollateralized lending, letting TRU holders vote on borrowers and deal terms and creating more ways for users to generate returns in DeFi.

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