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HaloDAO: The Universe of Desserts

Enter the Universe of Desserts 🚀

Reacting to this message unlocks the Halonauts role.
After unlocking the Discord, TIPBOT received the Halonauts role.
This turns your name blue in the members list.

How to Choose a Team 🍓🍫🍦

How to choose your Ice Cream Galaxy.
The three secret chats.
Team Captains must be available at the time of the event or their role will be migrated to someone else.
dr. steve, the Chocolate Captain, went to his team’s private channel to ask for help — and then was able to answer correctly in the quiz channel.

Level Up Your Rank with MEE6 Bot ⬆️

Social Roles — Based on Participation

Claim Your POAPs🎆

  1. Remain connected throughout the duration of an event;
  2. You will automatically be assigned a role for attending the event;
  3. Follow the instructions you receive in a direct message from either the POAP Bot or a moderator to claim!

Tracking On-Chain Activity with the Collab.land Bot 🤖

  1. Head to the #🆙level-up channel under the 🚀QUESTS🚀 category;
  2. Type !join in the channel, and you will receive a direct message from the collab.land bot;
  3. Click the link to be redirected to their website, where you can connect your wallet;
  4. Connect your wallet to the site;
  5. Click “Confirm” in your wallet to sign the message, confirming that you own the wallet;
  6. Return to the HaloDAO Discord, and click on your name to view your new role! You may also have access to new channels, depending on your tier:

Collect one of each NFT to unlock the Legendary Halo-Halo Hero!

Candy Rain

The user must collect 1 of the 6 Candy Rain NFTs,

Chocolate Asteroids

1 of the 4 Chocolate Asteroids,

Twin Ice Cream Planets

and 1 of the 2 Twin Ice Cream Planets to qualify for:

Halo-Halo Hero

Legendary Halo-Halo Hero NFT 🍨



Halo is building the tools and infrastructure to enable everyday people, no matter what background nor income bracket, to participate in self sovereign and unhindered commerce

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