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HaloDAO v1 Launch Announcement

Bridging Assets to Polygon from Ethereum Mainnet

Liquidity Migration

  • No rewards will be given to HaloDAO v0 pools once Epoch 2 begins.
  • Users can withdraw their LP tokens at any time.
  • Users will no longer be able to stake additional BPT tokens on the HaloDAO Farm page.
  • Anyone can Harvest their xRNBW rewards at any time from any inactive pool.

What do I have to do to continue earning rewards?

  1. Unstake LP tokens
  2. Stake in the new RNBW:ETH or xRNBW:ETH pools under the active section
  1. Unstake LP tokens
  2. Withdraw liquidity from Balancer v1 pool
  3. Add liquidity into the new HaloDAO AMM
  4. Stake HaloDAO LP tokens (HLP) in active pool section

Rewards breakdown — EPOCH 2

  1. Swap your xRNBW for RNBW via the Polygon xRNBW:RNBW Sushi pool
  2. Withdraw your xRNBW to mainnet via our brand new Ethereum ⇔ Polygon bridge and claim your RNBW directly from the Rainbow Pool

2. Farming xRNBW using RNBW/ETH UNI V2 LP

3. Farming xRNBW using xRNBW/ETH UNI-v2 LP

  1. Swap fees between xRNBW and ETH on Uniswap (though this is not much due to lower expected swap volume on this pool)
  2. Earning xRNBW from staking in the farm
  3. Rainbow Pool — continue earning additional RNBW for all your underlying xRNBW liquidity within the Uniswap pool

Updated Roadmap

What’s Coming Next



Halo is building the tools and infrastructure to enable everyday people, no matter what background nor income bracket, to participate in self sovereign and unhindered commerce

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