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Token Airdrop: Phase 1

Greetings Halonauts!

We are now approaching our 1st year anniversary since our IDO and we’ve made it all the way to HaloDAO’s 10th epoch release. In the following post, we will be providing a comprehensive overview of the first phase of Xave Finance’s (formerly HaloDAO) token airdrop and corresponding launch.

Please note that the team has not announced the new token details (such as ticker name, contract address, etc) to prevent scammers from compromising existing token holders. There have been several fake telegram groups pretending to announce fraudulent airdrop details, so please remember that;

  • No members of our team will privately message you first
  • You should never give your private key nor seed phrase to any wallet nor person claiming to be part of the team

What do you have to do?

The token airdrop process will be applicable to all xRNBW holders who meet the following requirements stated below.

  1. ONLY xRNBW holders will be eligible for the airdrop process — RNBW holders can manually stake their RNBW for xRNBW on our Rainbow Pool here
  2. You must hold xRNBW tokens on Ethereum Mainnet — xRNBW holders on Arbitrum and Polygon are required to bridge their xRNBW to Mainnet by July 21st 8 AM UTC. Please refer to bridging information in this article. Additionally, https://multichain.xyz/ will be adding xRNBW support before July 21st for instant bridging (more announcement on this soon)
  3. The snapshot will take place on July 21st 8 AM UTC

Please note the following additional details:

  1. xRNBW liquidity rewards will CONTINUE to be released into epoch 11 and onwards unless otherwise announced.
  2. The Ethereum Mainnet Uniswap V2 RNBW:ETH pool will CONTINUE to function.
  3. xRNBW holdings after July 21st 8am UTC will not be eligible for the token airdrop.
  4. Any xRNBW held by team multi sigs (listed here) will not be included in the airdrop.

In terms of our existing and upcoming products:

  1. All existing stablecoin pools on HaloDAO’s v1 AMM will CONTINUE to be operational on Ethereum mainnet, Polygon and Arbitrum.
  2. Our AMM v2 with Balancer will launch on Xave and not HaloDAO
  3. The Vesting page here will CONTINUE functioning on Ethereum mainnet after the snapshot
  4. The Lend page here will be rebranded into the new Xave.finance design along with our new product — “Xave Strategies” (more announcements on this soon). The lending market is being deployed to Arbitrum and Polygon as we speak to prepare multichain support for the upcoming “Xave Strategies”.
  5. New partnership announcements are incoming to build real use cases (as we’ve always aimed to do) on top of Xave.Finance as our v2 finishes audit

IMPORTANT — read this to prevent scams:

The new token details (such as ticker name, contract address, etc) will only be public via our medium on https://medium.com/halodao at a later time.

We will not be listing any new token on DEXes or any centralised exchange immediately.

Xave Finance team members will not contact users on private message form, nor request actions directly. Do not trust personal/direct messages.

Stick to our official social media announcements and channels — Website, Discord, Telegram and Twitter

If you stumble across any suspicious issues, please contact us at info@xave.finance or any of our team members on our official social media platforms. We are happy to answer all questions — reach out to us in the official channels.



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