Join our DeFi rocket launch!


After months of building, GoodGhosting is preparing to launch the first intergalactic saving pool. But no mission is complete without a crew, and we are looking at YOU. We need bold DeFi users to join our rocketship as it launches into the yield stratosphere. Are you up for the task? Would you like to join our genesis saving pool (on Polygon) and stack those stablecoins? Mission control has selected specific tasks to test aptitude and grit. We dare you to partake in our team of Galactic Ghosts, pushing the boundaries of DeFi to the edge of the known universe. πŸͺ

Step One: Join our Discord server

The first task will be announced there on April 28 13:00 UTC (Countdown clock).

Step Two: ???

🀫 Shhh, all will be revealed as the mission unfolds.

Step Three: your ticket is reserved on the rocketship

Those that prove themselves in our challenges will be invited to our inaugural mission. Get ready to dive into our genesis saving pool!

In addition to attractive interest rates, there will be plenty of extra rewards for our first batch of Galatic Ghosts! πŸ’Έ
Much thx to our frens over at Aave! πŸ‘»

Time to join the DeFi space race and stack coins! πŸ‘½

GoodGhosting mission control: smart contract status check

What is GoodGhosting?

GoodGhosting is a DeFi savings game. Compete with others and get higher interest rates than when you would save by yourself. All without losing your initial deposit. How? Join our shared saving pools by depositing digital stablecoins on the Polygon network. Add to your savings weekly to stay in the game. Feel proud as your balance grows and you hit your financial goals.

Pooled funds are deposited in decentralized savings accounts (powered by Aave), earning higher interest rates than in traditional finance. By hitting your predefined goals, you earn a slice of the pool’s interest! Players that missed a deposit, still get their initial deposit back but do not earn any interest. So the more people drop out, the greater the returns for the winners! Annual interest rates over 10% are possible β€” although not guaranteed. We are also providing additional incentives for early users, through yield farming and prize matching by some of our great sponsors.

We are fully non-custodial.You are free to remove your deposited funds at any time (minus a small early withdrawal fee which gets added to the saving pool).

Powered by Aave, Polygon, The Graph, MakerDAO, WalletConnect & 3Box.

Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ.

Important note β€” although we take security seriously, and our genesis saving pool will only be available to a closed group, our contracts are not audited yet, and as with any DeFi initial launch there are security risks. Please only risk funds you can afford to lose.



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