Our exclusive Bankless DAO Savings Pool

Marc Bisbal Arias
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3 min readSep 27, 2021


This week we’re opening a new savings pool in collaboration with — and exclusively for — Bankless DAO. Bankless DAO is a decentralized community driving adoption and awareness of bankless money systems through media, culture and education.

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Hit the 250 DAI savings target & earn extra rewards!


  • To be able to join this savings pool you will need to have met one of the following criteria at the time of snapshot (September 23):
    - Hold over 35000 $BANK, or equivalent BANK-ETH SLP tokens
    - Hold a Bankless 2021 Member Badge POAP
    - Hold a BanklessDAO Season 2 POAP
    - Have a score of at least 2400 on the GoodGhosting Leaderboard

Are you eligible and want to jump straight in? 🏊


You can also check our step-by-step guide or head over to our website.

This pool is sponsored by our wonderful partner Aave.

The Pool 🌊

  • The biweekly savings pool runs from September 27 to December 20, on the Polygon network. As previously, the pooled funds are deposited into Aave. These earn interest in DAI and extra rewards in $WMATIC tokens.
  • Successful savers will earn additional $BANK, $WMATIC and $DAI for completing all five necessary biweekly deposits.
  • Aave is sponsoring the pool with $1250 worth of DAI, while Bankless DAO is sponsoring $1250 worth of $BANK tokens. These extra rewards are split between all successful savers. And last but not least: all successful savers will receive an exclusive NFT — designed by Mali3D.
  • To win the game players have to make five deposits of 50 DAI into the pool, once every two weeks. The total required savings to win is 250 DAI. Learn how to get DAI on Polygon here.
  • There are a total of 5 deposits required (biweekly).
    The first deposit has to be made before Oct 11. The second deposit can be made from Oct 11 to Oct 25, the next one from Oct 25 to Nov 8, then from Nov 8 to Nov 22, and the final deposit from Nov 22 to Dec 6.
  • After the final deposit deadline (December 6), there is a two week waiting period before the game ends. On December 20 players can claim their winnings, with no time limit on it.
  • When the game ends, winning players (i.e. those who didn’t skip any deposit) can claim their rewards. This includes both the interest that was generated in DAI plus the sponsorship in DAI and $BANK tokens.
  • Those who miss a deposit will get their initial deposit back, but won’t earn any rewards or interest.

Happy saving all 👻

Fun fact: 5% of the generated rewards and incentives will be distributed back to the BanklessDAO treasury.

Learn More About Bankless DAO

To learn more about Bankless DAO, check the following resources.

Website: https://www.bankless.community/

Substack: https://banklessdao.substack.com/

Medium: https://banklessdao.medium.com/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/bjPz2w9Zts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/banklessDAO

Written by Marc Bisbal Arias. Thanks to Deepcryptodive for editing.