Get creative with this week’s #QuestPool

Quest Pool : Week 4

Drumroll please, the final challenges are here!

Challenge 1: Download Valora Wallet

GoodGhosting is excited to be part of Celo’s DeFi for the people — making DeFi more accessible. We will be lauching our first Celo pool soon™️. To get you ready to join: check out their awesome mobile wallet called Valora. It let’s you purchase stablecoins by credit card or bank transfer at 0% fees*. To complete the first challenge, you will have to download the Valora wallet and complete this form.

*check out the Valora documentation for more details

Challenge 2: Nifty Ink

We know our community is creative, so we want to see your own NFT designs! To do this we are gonna use the awesome, Nifty Ink as a tool. Your challenge is to draw GoodGhosting inspired ghost, piggybank or money box. Label your design “GoodGhosting”. Check out our example, but don’t limit yourself to it.

To use Nifty Ink complete the following tasks

  1. Switch to xDai — you can use Chainlist for this
  2. get xDai from the faucet
  3. create your NFT
  4. Mint and share in discord #week-4-nifty-ink

We will be sharing these designs with our NFT artist Mali3D as well for inspiration.

What looks, accessories and wearables you might like to see on a GoodGhosting avatar?

Challenge 3: Join our Community Call

This is a bonus challenge, as it technically falling outside of this week. But join us for next week’s community call on the 29th Sept 4pm CEST. Register here and join via Zoom. We will be sharing a secret code during the call which you will have to fill into this form. The call will be recorded, so not problem if you can’t join live. However, the form will only be available for 24 hours after the call, after that this challenge is closed.

Next Steps

After this week, there are no more challenges. We will be completing the final tally of task completed, and reaching out to successful applicants on Thursday 30th of Sept. If you are successful, expect a Discord message to ask for an address to add to the whitelist on Polygon. Please note, as we are deploying Quest Pool on Sunday 3rd of Oct. We will need your reply with your address by 11.59pm ET Sat 2nd Oct.

👉 You can check your progress so far here.

That’s it, the final round of challenges for #QuestPool — we look forward to checking out your artistic endeavors, and see you in the Saving Pool itself 🏊‍♂️.


The GoodGhosting Team

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