Thanks to our Gitcoin supporters and Aave Grants πŸ™

This funding will help us launch our MVP


Gitcoin Grants

We have been bowled over by the support our Gitcoin grant has received:

  • 76 unique supporters
  • Over 3,575 DAI raised from the community + 1,993 DAI matched by Gitcoin

This level of support benefits us in two ways; in helping us bootstrap our MVP, and as a measure of support for our mission. We would like to say a massive thank you to all who dug in to their crypto wallets to support us! β™₯️

Aave Grant

We are also pleased to announce, Aave has awarded us $5000 as part of their Aave grants program. We will use this funding to incentives our saving pool, meaning better returns for our users. Excited to part of the Aave Fam!

Where next?

Both the Aave grant and Gitcoin funding will be massively helpful in our MVP launch. We want to get GoodGhosting out to our users as soon as possible. But like any early stage project, we have many things we want to build, and a need to prioritise. Speaking to our community (see tweet below), we are are gauging what is most important to you. Ideas very much welcomed in our discord channel.

These results chime in with our development plans to launch a testnet prototype, and later a gas minimized mainnet MVP. Keep up todate with the latest developments on twitter and github.

We are excited to bootstrap the future of savings with these grants!

The GoodGhosting team



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