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Halo Platform Overview: The World’s All-in-one Cryptocurrency Management Platform

Halo Platform is the next generation in cryptocurrency management. Users can access the most diverse set of cryptocurrency tools on the web, fully customizable to suit your needs. For the first time, crypto traders, and users can manage their crypto activities all in one space, making Halo Platform the ultimate all-in-one management system that the crypto community has been waiting for. The platform will be a central space for wallets, centralized and decentralized exchange, games, portfolio management, block explorer, and much more.

Halo Platform Website:

Browser Extension and Client Software:


Next Generation Blockchain with Multi Coin Support and Native HALO Coin

The Halo Platform is powered by a high speed, secure and fee free blockchain. Users are no longer at the mercy of slow transactions and high gas costs. Platform partners can expect a fully supported system, with fine tuned platform API’s.


  • Open sourced blockchain forked from Ethereum, utilizing the Raft Consensus protocol
  • Near instant transaction speeds, stress tested at a sustained 5000 transactions/sec.
  • HALO coin as the native platform cryptocurrency
  • Also supports Ethereum and ERC-20 token standards
  • No transaction fees and ZERO gas
  • Smart contract enabled

The HALO Coin is listed on the following exchanges:


User Friendly Chrome Browser Extension and Wallet

The Halo Platform Chrome browser extension is your window to the entire array of DAPPs and tools on the platform, including your wallet, masternode system, HaloDEX and Block Explorer. Install and set up the extension in moments and enjoy an elegant, simple interface built for users with little to no experience in crypto technologies.

Easy-to-use Masternode System with a Generous Rate of Return

The Halo Platform masternodes are tiered processing hubs for transactions across the platform. Halo Currency is minted at a rate of 30,400 HALO every four minutes and distributed across the masternodes within an 8 to 24 hour window from the previous distribution. In addition to these distributions, masternodes also receive a portion of service fees generated across the platform at a rate commensurate with each tier.

Platform users can set up Masternodes in just minutes with full cloud hosting support, so running your own node has never been easier. Users can set up a solely owned masternode or purchase a portion of a masternode for as little as 5,000 HALO in our masternode marketplace.

Fully Integrated DEX

The Decentralized Exchange (HaloDex) requires no middle party or trust component, and trades happen extremely quickly thanks to the speed of the Halo Platform blockchain. HaloDEX supports ETH and BTC base pairs and users can trade for HALO and a host of other coins and tokens.

HaloDEX features:

  • Simple intuitive web interface
  • Trustless trading powered by a series of comprehensive smart contracts
  • Comprehensive charting functionality
  • High availability network with cloud-based DDOS prevention and SSLv3 encryption
  • Low transaction fees

Industry Defining Centralized Exchange (Coming Soon)

The Centralized Exchange (HaloX) requires a common intermediary for deposits/withdrawals, but allows for ultra low latency off-chain order execution, margin trading and fiat pairings.

HaloX features:

  • Fully customizable dashboard — stretch, scale, duplicate, move components to suite your preferences
  • Full feature charting
  • Bespoke ultra low latency matching engine
  • P2P margin financing
  • Industry grade financial statements
  • High availability network with cloud-based DDOS prevention and SSLv3 encryption

Native Debit Card (Coming Soon)

Integrated debit card that can be used to make everyday purchases. A quick-and-easy way your business can start accepting cryptocurrency payments. Just swipe, and done! Halo Platform will handle all transactions by managing crypto-to-fiat conversions.

On Chain Game Platform

Genre-defining games, built by an internal team of game industry veterans, wrapped into a gamified, feature rich gamer hub. Plug-and-play game platform for partner game developers to integrate games on the blockchain quickly and easily.

Maximum Security

Halo Platform utilizes banking grade security to ensure maximum safety for all users.

Security features include:

  • Security and cloud load balancing
  • Consensus driven protocols
  • Smart backups
  • Hot and cold wallet storage mechanism
  • High availability network with cloud-based DDOS prevention and SSLv3 encryption

The Halo Platform is a highly competitive product, which sets the standard for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency management!

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Halo Platform

Halo Platform

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