Halo Platform Weekly Newsletter Week of: Jan 13, 2018 — Jan. 19, 2019

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We’ve got some great updates to share with you next week as the Halo Platform team continues to expand the product and streamline the experience for our users.

We wish to extend a special thanks to our community members, who have been hard at work evangelizing the platform on social media, blockchain forums, and other online channels. To see what our community has been up to, join us on Discord and check out the #community-and-social channel.

Halo Currency & Exchange

After much anticipation, Bitcoin support on HaloDEX has been tested and is going to be live on main net early next week. We’re excited to bring this new base currency to our users! Our users will also see some additional tokens supported next week. Look for more information on specific coins supported in next week’s release notes.

We believe strongly that the HaloDEX will become a leading exchange in 2019 and compete with many centralized exchanges for volume. In the near future, we will begin working on new features like stop limit, market orders and plenty more in addition to that.

HALO can now be traded on LAToken. See our announcement for more details (https://community.haloplatform.tech/blogs/entry/113-announcement-trade-halo-now-on-latoken/) or go here to trade: https://bit.ly/2CFffJB.

New Releases (Coming Soon)

We’ve been talking to our Discord Community about our backend rewrite and want to share our progress with a larger audience. Several members of our team are re-building the database and API’s, which will make our industry-leading performance even faster!

Some highlights you can expect to see in an upcoming release:

  • On HaloDEX getting ticker data for just one pair was taking up to 15 seconds: it is going down to 60 MS
  • The Scraper used to take up to 4 hours for one smart contract: the new system will scrape all of them in 4 minutes

Expect to see these improvements, and many more, when we launch the new back end in the near future.

Other News

The Halo Platform has earned an Amazon Web Service (AWS) partner endorsement: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/seller-profile?id=4292b9b0-799f-44d4-a027-078946689ef7&ref=dtl_B07KMBMHB7.

In addition to a listing in the AWS marketplace, Halo Platform receives premium support from Amazon and a host of other benefits. Our CTO, Mike, is working daily with AWS to earn an even higher level of partner status. Look for a press release with more details shortly.

Did you know? There are detailed instructions and walkthroughs of the Halo Platform on our wiki and tutorials on our YouTube channel. Let us know if there is something you’d like to see there, and we will gladly add it!

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