Halo Platform Weekly Newsletter Week of: Jan 5, 2018 — Jan. 12, 2019

Halo Platform
Jan 11, 2019 · 4 min read

Halo Platform Weekly Newsletter

Week of: Jan. 5, 2018 — Jan. 12, 2019

Hello Halo Platform Community — we hope your 2019 is off to a great start! As usual, we have been busy developing new features, so be sure to stay up-to-date with our current tech. We’ve also been hard at work building partnerships with well-known names in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Read on for this week’s update.

Announcement: LATOKEN Now Accepting Deposits for HALO

Yesterday, LATOKEN listed the HALO currency for deposits.

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens:

● $30m+ daily turnover

● More than 80,000 registered traders

● 180+ crypto pairs available for trading

Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages.

Go here to register your account and make a deposit: https://bit.ly/2D3YIQx. Trades will commence early next week. Look out for a formal announcement at that time.

Halo Currency & Exchange

Halo Platform is multi-faceted and adaptable, which is why we’re continuing to thrive when other crypto companies are struggling. Here are some exciting new things going on with HaloDEX and the HALO currency:

HaloDEX has been listed on Delta Direct!

Delta Direct is a direct link for token teams to connect with existing and potential future investors and is seamlessly integrated into the Delta app. We’re proud to see the HaloDEX included in this renowned platform. Access Delta Direct here: https://delta.app/direct

Horizon State’s coin (HST) has gone live on HaloDEX

Horizon State has been a great partner and has been using the Halo Platform Blockchain to power their voting platform since late 2018. We’re excited to see more and more throughput coming from Horizon State’s platform!

New Releases

Halo Platform sets itself apart from other companies in the crypto space by offering a space that’s useful for everyone in the cryptocurrency community. So far this year, we’ve been focusing on addressing community concerns and improving the performance of existing Halo Platform products.

The Halo Platform user experience just gets better and better, starting with the new Halo Platform Block Explorer was launched this week, available at: https://explorer.haloplatform.tech/. The main advantage of new explorer is that it is twice as fast as the previous one, primarily due to a comprehensive database upgrade.

In addition to some UI cleanup, the new explorer includes the following improvements and new features:

  • In the Address page, a user now is able to determine contract addresses on the green “Contract” badge next to the block address
  • The Transaction page has new fields: “Status”, “Gas Sent”, Index of transactions in a block and we also renamed “Number of transactions made by the sender prior to this one” field into “Nonce”
  • In the Address page, the Internal Transaction section which shows all internal transactions of the selected address

To see what the Halo Platform Team is working on at any given time, take a look at our Status Board.

Please take a moment to update your bookmarks to our status page where we report any live operations outages: https://status.haloplatform.tech/.

Other News

IMPORTANT REMINDER! Blockchain technology is not the same as traditional client server technology. It’s decentralized and anonymous. This means that your personal information remains on your local machine and Halo Platform staff does not have access to it. Simply put, we cannot recover your password if you lose it.

It’s critical that everyone follows the installation instructions for the browser extension and Featherlite clients, back up their private keys in multiple places and keep their password somewhere they can remember it.

Thankfully, we have made exporting private keys extremely simple. If you are unsure how to do this, you can watch this minute long video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7zydYDyzLo

Did you know? There are detailed instructions and walkthroughs of the Halo Platform on our wiki and tutorials on our YouTube channel. Let us know if there is something you’d like to see there, and we will gladly add it!

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