Dropbox Cafeteria Loses Its Michelin Star Amidst IPO Cutbacks

Seared Trout with Quinoa-Beet Salad and Champagne Vinaigrette

SOMA, SAN FRANCISCO — In a surprising upset, Dropbox’s cafeteria has lost its prestigious Michelin Star. Dropbox’s cafeteria, known as The Tuck Shop, is well-known for serving decadent food to its employees on a daily basis for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it has failed to meet the Michelin Guide’s high standards this year.

Michelin reviewers noted that the Tuck Shop’s quality “has declined dramatically” as Dropbox has begun cutting back on costs, purportedly in preparation for a 2017 IPO. “They used to have these really nice cloth towels to wipe your hand with, and now they replaced them with napkins. Thick napkins, but still napkins,” said a Michelin representative. “There also used to be ‘lobster and caviar day’ for dinner once every month. Now they just serve filet mignon.”

The Michelin inspectors also found that the eating experience at Dropbox’s cafeteria was much more inconsistent. As part of its cutbacks, Dropbox has restricted the amount of guests that employees are allowed to bring to the cafeteria to 5 per month when it was previously unlimited and pushed back the start of dinnertime to 7 PM, making it significantly more difficult for non-employees (including the inspectors) to eat at the Dropbox cafeteria. “They bought a $100,000 chrome panda, so I’m pretty sure they can at least afford to let Michelin inspectors eat there every day,” said one of the inspectors.

Despite the removal of Dropbox’s star, the Michelin guide still listed tech company Asana’s cafeteria as a Michelin Recommended restaurant, noting that “judging by its food quality, there are no signs that Asana is planning to IPO any time soon.”

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