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Hammer Finance + Balancer GovFactor

Participate in the governance and get 1.1x rewards!

What is Balancer GovFactor?

GovFactor is an on-chain voting factor of 1.1 for Balancer Liquidity Providers.

The GovFactor was introduced by Balancer in this proposal and passed on 2020/12/21. The motivation of GovFactor is to encourage Liquidity Provider to participate in the Balancer governance. If GovFactor is on, you can receive 1.1x BAL rewards. The total rewards per week stay the same.

Why and how Hammer support GovFacor?

We think GovFactor is a great idea and it opens the opportunity that our users can participate in the governance and get more rewards.

The other good news is Balancer provides the delegation function. With delegation, we can delegate the votes from our vault to a delegator, and the delegator can vote for a Balancer proposal, and then the GovFactor will turn on.

What’s coming next?

The new vault with the GovFactor integrations is launched! Try it now: https://app.hammer.finance🔨

The first new vault is based on the BAL/WETH 66/33 pool which has the highest APY 140%! The GovFactor will turn on after we vote for the next proposal of Balancer and you can get the extra rewards.

Before the delegator vote, we will discuss in our Discord what we like to vote. We’ll disclose the vote of the delegator to everyone. We also plan to improve the system with meta governance. Stay tuned!

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