Mindset: How has it been convoluted by the internet?

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Over the past decade, we have seen the growth of the internet and social media. The internet contains a large amount of information.

It has affected society in several ways. One example of this can be seen with the rise of “fake news”. News outlets have to change their methods to sustain themselves and stay profitable.

With this influx of information, there is one question we must ask ourselves.

How does this new world of information effect our mindset?

What is mindset?

Mindset is usually defined set of attitudes held by an individual. There is actually a book called Mindset. In this book, the author defines two specific types of mindset.

One is called the fixed mindset. It is the believe that basic traits such as IQ and strength is fixed.

There is another more powerful mindset. This is called the growth mindset. This is the belief that basic traits can actually improved through effort.

How does the internet come into play?

There is a series of platforms that run on top of the internet called social media. The issue is that they only show what grabs attention. Thats the way these networks keep running.

People often only see the pretty parts of others through social media. This can cause others to have the false believe that struggle is not necessary.

This is how social media fosters fixed mindset

How do we remedy this?

Social platforms only highlight the good and bad experiences and not the in between. How can we show the progress from bad to good to teach growth mindset?

One way to establish this is through an “anti filter”. What this will do is show us not only the final result, but what it takes to create it. Social media has no incentive to do this.

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