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3 min readNov 4, 2020


What is your work-experience portfolio like? Have you practically applied the concepts you learn? Do you possess the skills you need to land your dream job? Or do you think you can learn on the job?

You perhaps understand the basics of how a real-life office operates, but are not sure how prepared you are to operate in it. Learning on the job could perchance work out for some. However, who wants to learn like an amateur if there is an option for starting out big as an expert? Every fresh graduate should be able to defend their job readiness and boast skills that can set them apart in a corporate world.

Hamoye Internships are the rave now! Armed with a mission to help prepare young professionals and college interns for their chosen careers and the future of work; Hamoye offers world-class, specially designed, internship-style learning programs, to help prospective interns acquire real-world work experience.

With the rate at which the world economy is advancing, investing in a profitable internship program to acquire new skills or hone existing ones is considered a smart move.

The programs have been redefined to jumpstart desirable careers for millions of people all over the world and develop an army of problem-solvers for the world.

This objective will be achieved by taking full advantage of the Hamoye Social Learning Management Platform (hamoye.com); which is designed to help interns participate from anywhere in the world, track their accomplishments, and showcase themselves to potential employers.

Learning is more efficient in a social environment because knowledge naturally flourishes in collaborations and interactions. As a result, the Hamoye Platform is fully fitted with:

  • Video conference features
  • Instant chat functions
  • Discussion features
  • Study groups where learners can learn from each other.

The Hamoye Platform is one big hub — a beehive if you will — buzzing with highly intellectual and focused minds, connected across the globe through gadgets.

For us, learning is incomplete without giving learners the chance to interact and collaborate. Aside from bagging a certificate of proficiency in a course, we believe in building lasting networks between learners, which could prove vital for the future. As a result, we are keen on community engagement and support. It is also in our culture to reward learners who show exemplary team spirit with inspiring prizes. Courses on the Hamoye Platform are engineered to incorporate practical applications which would allow learners to work together on real-life projects, and build relevant solutions.

You can belong to this hub and share your knowledge with other learners from across the world.

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