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Hamoye Platform: Tracking Your Progress With the Knowledge Graph

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The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice

— Brian Herbert

The need to be better at something one does would always arise — which could be for self-gratification, career advancement, or career change. Learning is a daunting task, and learning on an advanced level can be an even more difficult task for career enthusiasts or professionals alike.

It is easy to get lost beneath the weight of skills-based learning materials out there, texts and videos; so much so you have no idea how well you are faring.

We know the rigour associated with learning and the time constraints that further makes learning difficult. At Hamoye, we have designed two different learning delivery systems to take away the rigor associated with learning. Our delivery methods are;

  1. Tutored Delivery Method: The tutored programs are a distinct set of programs that embraces the use of tutors to deliver the course and projects. The advantage of this delivery system is that it takes the rigor of knowing where to start from and what to use, through the aid and guidance of a tutor which is similar to a manager in the office settings.
  2. Self-Learning Delivery Method: Hamoye’s style of learning embraces both the use of tutored and self-learning delivering systems. However, for the advanced learners, only the Self-Learning Delivery System will be adopted. The use of this approach has been necessitated by the structure and quantity of our course contents, which are time-consuming, requiring long hours of engagement to develop proficiency. However, interns will implement projects with peers and tech stack across the world, get unblocked by Hamoye AI faculty, and get advice from industry experts.

Also, by spicing things up with project implementations, unblocking sessions, and full mentorship advice, all tiers of the Hamoye internships boast tangible progress in skills and experience suited to interns’ career paths.

Hamoye brings learning to you in the most accessible and assimilable way possible. It is a combination of quality education and revolutionary technology, which are indispensable ingredients for the kind of learning the world needs today.

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