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Hamoye’s Onebook: A New Work Empowerment Standard?

Hamoye is geared toward one mission- to help prepare young professionals and college interns for their chosen careers and the future of work. It is however appropriate to note that access to skills-based information on a large scale, is currently posing as an impasse across the world. The supposed central source of knowledge- textbooks- has further accentuated the problem, as they become increasingly expensive. A large number of textbooks can also not be written to keep pace with the speed of evolving human knowledge.

Furthermore, education in some parts of the world has been characterized by merely facts and figures; facts about solutions to antiquated and already solved problems. Although facts are fundamental to learning, they are certainly inconsequential for equipping learners with the aptitudes and requisite skills to proficiently solve real-world problems.

At Hamoye, we have decided to achieve our mission by chartering an innovative and eccentric teaching mechanism for an all-encompassing revolution of the world knowledge economy.

Why are we doing this?

It is a known fact that getting the first professional job, post-college education is universally challenging. Depending on the country, it may be the most difficult challenges young graduates will ever face. Whether one is successful at it or not could determine the course of one’s life. This is where Hamoye comes in. We offer world-class, specially designed, internship-style learning programs, to help prospective interns acquire real-world work experience.

Access to quality information at a large scale must therefore be reimagined and implemented, to kindle passion in the upcoming creative talents of the world.

Hamoye’s OneBook

Hamoye is powered by a knowledge graph consisting of millions of concepts, in which we build problem-oriented lessons and courses for all tiers of internships, and track their competencies. Our approach encompasses innovation around what interns are learning, expounding real-life problems, providing affordable access to millions of learners, and access to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

With our OneBook technology, we hope to develop an ever-growing universal textbook where interrelated concepts across all subjects are corralled, in order to help eliminate the need for the traditional textbook; but provide the same quality of learning resources to learners and schools, irrespective of location and status.

Hamoye’s OneBook teaches students the relationship and effects between concepts. For instance, when you search the word “water”, the Hamoye platform displays a plethora of interrelationships between water and places, people, organizations, etc.

OneBook prioritizes learning by doing as opposed to dispensing facts. Learners are given the chance to be critical thinkers, engage in making things by themselves, approach concepts as solution providers and at the same time exploring diverse topics of their interests

Conclusively, at Hamoye, we have dreamt and imagined countless young incredible talents at par with the standards of the global workforce, and we have taken a bold step to achieve this dream by introducing Hamoye Internships.

What are you waiting for? Get started here.



We are obsessed with a singular vision: that human capital represents an immense opportunity for Africa in the coming decades. To this end, we are committed to training and developing an army of problem solvers across the continent using our innovative EdTech platform — Hamoye.

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Our mission is to develop an army of creative problem solvers using an innovative approach to internships.