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Over the years, virtually every aspect of life has evolved. Just until a few years ago, Instructors taught the exact same way they had learnt eons ago, but with the advancement in technology and research, the age-old norm of having classes only in physical classrooms paved the way for virtual/online classrooms.

Also, internships used to be a six-month period or more, with a few weeks finding a physical location to go to every day to get the training, experience, and mentorship that are requisites to perform in the corporate world. Many young students spent months and even years trying to get accepted into a company for these internships to no avail. Some who got accepted spend all their time getting coffee for the bosses and colleagues and ended up learning close to nothing at the end of their program. It is a great relief that internships too have evolved, paving the way for virtual/remote internships.

Comparable to the traditional internship programs, remote internships also last for a few months and are designed to give the training, experience, and mentorship required to jumpstart the careers of young professionals. However, Hamoye’s remote internships have more to offer. They eliminate the distractions that come with physically being in an office, giving you ample time to focus on your course and what really matters, along with all the flexibility you desire. The program also includes other pacesetting activities and features like; Webinars/one-on-ones with industry experts, Capstone projects, Access to top-notch courses, and lots more.

Hamoye Internships are structured into three tiers as follows:

  • Analyst Internship (Beginners tier)
  • Hamoye Data Science Internship (Intermediate tier)
  • Hamoye Career Incubator Program: ML Fullstack Program (Advanced tier)

The remote internship allows interns to pick their project from the beginning of the program and affords them the opportunity to interact and collaborate with their colleagues while getting work done.

Interns are at liberty to choose the delivery method that best suits their taste. They can either go with the tutored delivery method or the self-learning delivery method. This too will be selected at the start of the program.

To achieve these, we provide a Social Learning Management platform that uses an interactive interface to make learning more engaging, enjoyable, and interactive for everyone. It allows participation in our programs from anywhere in the world.

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