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Practice: The Bedrock of Innovation

Hamoye Overview

At Hamoye, we believe that the apex of learning is applicability because knowledge wouldn’t be considered as gained or obtained until it can be practicalized. We have made it a prerequisite to approach learning and internships from the stance of application, by combining learning with practice through hands-on projects. We believe strongly that there is no knowledge gained without the opportunity to practice what has been learnt. Hence, we make it a part of our learning process to avail all our learners the opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt.

An important fact about practice is that you acquire experience on how and how not to get things done. Knowledge at its best can teach and show you how to get things done, while practice on the other hand immerses you in the process of getting things done, thereby making you capable of repeating such a process in a new and improved manner. Hence, practice is the starting point for originality.

The Hamoye Internship Programs

In a bid to create an effective and efficient platform for young professionals, from anywhere in the world, to acquire the skill, mentorship, opportunity, and experience needed to jumpstart and perform exceptionally well in their career paths, Hamoye birthed its genius internship programs.

What makes our internship programs unique?

Quite a number of factors make Hamoye’s internship programs unique, some of which include accessibility from anywhere in the world, flexibility, and mentorship from industry experts. Championing these attributes is its focus on applicability i.e learning by doing. All interns are given the opportunity to get involved in various projects that allow them to practice what they learn and learn by practicing, solving real-life problems.

The Hamoye Internship program is divided into three(3) tiers:

  • Hamoye Analyst Internship — Beginners tier
  • Hamoye Data Science Internship — Intermediate tier
  • Hamoye Career Incubator Program: ML Fullstack Program — Advanced tier

Internship Projects

All registered interns will be required to select at least two projects from the list below, which will be implemented with the assistance of industry experts across various fields. The following are the list of projects:

  1. Automobile Manufacturing: Electric Vehicles
  2. News & Media Fake News Analysis
  3. Healthcare/Medicine: Anomaly Detection
  4. Sports: Olympic Games
  5. Supply Chain: Shipping
  6. Environmental Health: Air Pollution In India
  7. Finance: Stock Performance
  8. Agriculture: Food Production
  9. Transportation: Airplane Accidents
  10. Retail: Market Basket Analysis
  11. Real Estate: Australian Property Sales
  12. Climate Change: Earth Surface Temperature
  13. Global Food Prices
  14. Insurance Cross-Sell Prediction
  15. Hospitality: Restaurants in Hyderabad
  16. Electricity: Russian Electricity Market
  17. E-Commerce: Automobile Sales
  18. Aviation: Airplane Flights
  19. Finance: Digital Currencies
  20. Education: School Rankings
  21. Marketing: Ad Campaign
  22. Real Estate: Airbnb
  23. Commodities: Gold Price
  24. Banking and Finance: Credit Card Approval
  25. Real Estate: Property Rental
  26. Entrepreneurship: Startups
  27. Hospitality: Hotel Recommendation
  28. Human Capital: Online Job Market
  29. Human Resources: HR Analytics
  30. Media & Entertainment: Movie Recommendations

The Internship programs run all year round, each tier running through a 3-month time frame. For more information about the internship programs, see the Internship Handbook.



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