Almost Europe

Bojan Stojčić “Viva la Transicion”, acrylic painting on Tramway, April 6th 2015, edition of 3.

I am 23. This is all I can say about myself: My Bachelor diploma is still fresh and although I can wrap my head around it it just does not seem fair to call myself an international relations professional. My reality is too complex to simplify myself in a religious or ideological manner. This does not mean I am aimless.

It seems that a popular attitude in our generation is to perceive oneself as a blank canvas searching for anything that could make it different from the others. People subscribing to this belief might seem and be open, liberal, ready to explore — but what is exploration worth if you are staying within the confines of your own perception? Engaging in search for identitarian determinants can be easily valorized. I don’t want to valorize my own self. I want to assume it as a living, cognitive matter. This means opening my world up to possibilities which transcend artificial rigidity of performance.

This Medium blog will explore the current surroundings I happen to find myself in: living on the periphery of Europe, looking at its realities, not letting them take me for granted. Moving throughout Europe, grasping its urban subtexts influencing me directly or indirectly, not letting them take me for granted. Working in Berlin, having time and space to focus on understanding the core of European emotion.

There’s a bunch of back processes running in my head while I am socializing.

I guess this is the place where I’ll be sharing them online.

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