HANA version numbering explained — If that’s totally clear for you, no need to read further, everyone else let’s start!

HANA version, support package, SPS, revision, patch, maintenance revision. Please update the SPS03 to latest revision including any patches. Easy? Or a bit confused?

SAP has created a detailed versioning for their HANA lifecycle management. It can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at first, but actually it’s quite easy and logical. Let’s break down the long version number so everything becomes clear.

First part “2.00.” is for HANA overall version.

Next part “02” is for the support package stack, short SPS. This blends into the revision number (short rev) — “4”. And now it might become a bit confusing. Namely, the SPS number is rarely used and much more often its just referred as the revision number — “024”. Every time the decimal in revision is full, a new SPS is announced.

Next part “05” is the patch number, sometimes it’s also referred as maintenance revision number.

Last part “1520347815” is a reference number for the build. This one is the least important when it comes to understanding version numbers and is usually not needed.

Here is a diagram for this.

Bonus, it’s not uncommon that SAP itself mixes up these numbers or has typos (i.e. referring to rev 33 as SPS02) in their portal or documents.

The above number is just for an example, latest version right now is Can you name it now? 😊