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Why We Invested in Showfields

We are excited to finally announce we lead a $9m seed round into Showfields, “The Most Interesting Store in the World.”

Showfields sits between the $2T traditional retail market and the growing $450B ecommerce market
  1. The other $2 Trillion is “traditional retail”, which includes department stores, specialty stores, sporting and electronic goods etc. This “traditional retail” is the area of retail that is most exposed and vulnerable to ecommerce.
  2. US E-commerce is currently ~$450 Billion and is still in its very first innings. E-commerce has been displacing traditional retail for reasons including pricing, convenience, fulfillment and delivery make it an all-around better value prop.

We believe the next wave to displace traditional retail is “experiential retail” — a better way for consumers to discover and build a relationship with a brand through in person experiences.

And within this emerging “experiential retail” category, we felt (and still feel) Showfields has nailed the experience and has quickly emerged as a leader in this space. Why? (you ask)

  1. A physical location can no longer be landlord or tenant centric - but rather ought to be “consumer centric”. Every product decision (physical or digital) at Showfields asks the same question — is the Showfields platform going to be interesting, different and iterative enough for consumers to not only come the first time, but return over and over again. Just as people “accidentally” discover new brands online through friends posts and compelling ads, consumers come to Showfields to “stumble upon” new brands and products as well as come to shop for the brands they know and love from their instagram feeds.
  2. It is not about “retail space” - that is a commodity. Rather, Showfields is about creating the full infrastructure necessary to access the “physical experiential retail” channel. It is a combination of real estate, design, staffing, foot traffic, analytics and more.
Brand at Showfields include (from left to right): Boll & Branch — bedding; City Row — rowing machine; Quip — toothbrush
Showfields Founding Team



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