Wasted Words

Weaving with wonder

Colleen Millsteed
Handcuffs & Hijinx
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Three boys rowing on the river in a rowboat as they head into the mist.
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A Tautogram

A tautogram is a text in which all words start with the same letter. Historically, tautograms were mostly poetical forms. (Wikipedia)

Wasted Words

Weaving with wonder

We wander within winding walkways,
Wishing with wounded words,
Weeping with wisdom,
Wanting what we were wanting.

Wondering why we were waiting,
Whenever we were working,
Writing with what was within,
Wordsmith was well worth writing.

Walkabouts where well watered wildflowers winter,
Wispy willows wander walkways,
With wallabies wallowing when waking,
Wasting weeks when waddling wayward.

Would we wilt when we win?
What would we want with winning?
When we’d welcome winners who were willing.

Wintering within wild weather,
Weeping wingless wilderness wasps wailing,
Worse, warm water will wash weeping worms,
Wiggling within wet winter winds.

We wouldn’t wish worsening wounds,
Wrapping with willingness worshipped,
When weekdays wind weekly,
Whispering with what we were watching.

Well well,
Who’d we wound?
Will we wear whispers,
With wonderful words?

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Colleen Millsteed
Handcuffs & Hijinx

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