Handling emotions! — Part 1

Hello wonderful people, you are doing awesome and you will be successful! Yess, Read that again! Do you wholeheartedly smile when someone says that? I have been over the moon bouncing with joy and hope when someone says that to me:) But still there are few, what Sangeetha, are you not a self believer?

Yes, I am. Why can’t we consume those simple emotions, trustworthy words when it makes you so much happy than being a billionaire! Don’t laugh, I have experienced those emotions and its effect is as simple. Guess what? Good peaceful sleep. which many of us are struggling to have right now!

There was a cute little enthusiastic girl whose only goal is to make her mom proud. When her mom sees that cute little girl with proudness abounding, her purpose in life is done. Seems selfish right! Don’t worry cute little girl will grow up and think about needy people’s well-being.

There were so many hiccups in her path which she struggled to achieve! Did you think those? No, it didn’t happen in her life. She was blessed with people around to make her life the way she wants to live, because of her hard work god has sent amazing mentors to guide her, her mom took care of all chores to make the girl concentrate on what she needs. The little girl is appreciative enough for all these and thanks, god!

The time came where she wanted to take the next big decision in her life. She worked round the clock for that, achieving what she was relentlessly working on is her only goal. When you put such humongous effort on yourself in a short period, you expect everything surrounding that should align and not against the path. Silly girl, she was also thinking like that. So much of emotions ran through her as things started getting away (not because of COVID, it has got enough curses from me already )

She didn’t pause there and think, she did everything just out of the impulse. Being harsh to people and even to the mentor, How rude cute little girl? All that ran down as tears, chill ok! let her cry and handle, everyone thought and went, except her family( always stands ).

But don’t you still understand what she needs? A warm hug and a comforting word -everything will be fine! I believe in you! Did she get?

Many times, people don’t understand that emotions are not circling just within you, it’s also around you. Being an expert in handling other people emotions will take you a long way! This one always flashes in my mind whenever I start complaining about things happening. “Emotions say hurry and wisdom say wait”. Did you handle those right is what matters.

You all wait here, till I hear back from that cute little girl!



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Sangeetha Venkatesan

Sangeetha Venkatesan

Being happy and making others happy!Working on being one and only!