Bag for study tools that also becomes a disaster prevention good:HAND BAG

Action plan project by HANDs! Fellows 2015/2016 from Philippines

Children in the poor class in the Philippines are unable to go to school due to economic reasons, and even if they are able to go to school, they do not receive disaster prevention education for protecting themselves. This action plan attempts to improve such conditions, at the very least. A schoolbag known as “HAND BAG” containing disaster prevention goods was developed together with 5 teachers from a school for the deaf, and were distributed to 100 students at the school. The bag contains notes describing disaster prevention information, a pen with a flashlight, a pen case that can be used for emergency measures, a whistle to call for help in case of an emergency, etc. Rather than simply distributing them, lectures and events on disaster prevention information were also held when giving out the bags, in which practical knowledge on protecting oneself was also conveyed. In the future, there are plans to continue bag distribution activities at various schools every year in June, which is when the new school year starts in the Philippines.


School for the deaf in Loon, Bohol Island, Philippines


November 20, 2016 (bag distribution date)

Number of people outreached

100 students at a school for the deaf

Implementing Fellows

Tristan Nodalo (Philippines)

Ace Aceron (Philippines)

Margaret Buenconsejo Chavez (Philippines)

Tristan Nodalo, Ace Aceron, Margaret Buenconsejo Chavez