Disaster prevention cartoon with a card game : The Adventures of Bunny & Nao

Action plan project by HANDs! Fellows 2015/2016 from Indonesia

Bonni and Naomi will be publishing a disaster-prevention cartoon with a card game targeted at the young generation by collaborating with a major publisher in Indonesia. Bunny and Nao, who are the main characters in the cartoon and styled after Bonni and Naomi, become involved in various incidents and disasters on the streets.

The goal of readers is to skillfully use the cards that are provided as a supplement to the cartoon to bring Bunny and Nao back safely. Readers will naturally acquire knowledge on disasters and disaster prevention as they read through the cartoon. The two Fellows have been making efforts toward activities outside of Indonesia, such as through being invited to an anime event in the Philippines and introducing an English version in Thailand and the Philippines. After their cartoon is published, they plan on expanding activities using the cartoon, such as workshops.


Book form published by a major publisher in Indonesia, online form published for the world.


May 2016 to present

Implementing Fellows

Bonni Rambatan (Indonesia)

Naomi Saddhadhika (Indonesia)

Bonni Rambatan, Naomi Saddhadhika
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