Disaster prevention for children, through a disaster prevention game event: Star Side Project

Action plan project by HANDs! Fellows 2015/2016 from Indonesia

The StarSide Project is a disaster prevention game event where visits are made to elementary and junior high schools in Aceh and Surabaya in Indonesia, which were affected by damages from the earthquake and tsunami. There are 8 types of games in all, including a disaster prevention card game, a game where participants compete for the fastest evacuation drill, a game where emergency bags are made, and a game for learning how to take emergency measures.

In Aceh, this event was held for children who were actually victims in the earthquake that occurred in December 2016, and was well-received by the children who participated, as well as their guardians.

StarSide Project is registered as an NPO in Indonesia. At the Disaster Prevention Competition organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross in 2017, StarSide Project garnered funding for activities. In the future, there are plans to raise funds through various forms, and broaden activities.


Surabaya, Malan, and Sidoarjo in East Java; Pidie Jaya in Aceh, Indonesia


December 2016 to present

Number of people outreached

Approximately 500 children

(as of June, 2017)

Implementing Fellows

Eva Bachtiar, Ibnu Mundir, Sakti Bimanta