Disaster prevention knowledge shared through letters : Knowpal (Knowledge + Penpal)

Action plan project by HANDs! Fellows 2015/2016 from Nepal

Correspondence between disaster-stricken sites. Disaster prevention knowledge shared through letters.

In addition to sharing knowledge on disaster prevention and disaster conditions through correspondence between students at a school in Kathmandu, which was struck by disaster in the Nepal earthquake in April 2015, and students from another region, Knowpal is a program through which bonds will be fostered. For approximately half a year, the children will exchange letters without revealing their names, and will share their experiences from the disaster as well as their daily lives today. After half a year, the two schools will jointly organize a disaster prevention workshop, and the children will meet their pen pal for the first time and play disaster prevention games and other recreational activities together. This is a program through which children can learn about each other and foster friendship. Discussions among the teachers have just ended, and there are expectations for this plan to be implemented in the future.


Kathmandu, Nepal


June 2017 to December 2017 (planned)

Number of people outreached

800 children and 50 faculty members

Implementing Fellow

Bijay Kumar Shahi (Nepal)

Bijay Kumar Shahi
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