Raising awareness on disaster prevention in Myanmar through disaster prevention workshops : Open Space+

Action plan project by HANDs! Fellows 2015/2016 from Myanmar, Thailand

In Myanmar, various natural disasters such as cyclones, flooding, and earthquakes occur frequently. Open Space+ is a disaster prevention workshop with the objective of fostering human resources and conveying knowledge related to disaster prevention in Myanmar. Fellows from Thailand and Myanmar cooperated to organize a workshop that introduces the knowledge and activities that they learned through the HANDs! tour over a period of 4 days in Yangon.

At the workshop, an introduction on disaster prevention activities in Japan by Hirokazu Nagata, who is the general advisor for HANDs!, demonstration of disaster prevention events that is expanding in Thailand, a disaster prevention program for 100 children, etc. were held. The participants remarked that they “want to take home the disaster prevention education programs that [they] learned here, and want to implement them locally.”


Art Space at New Zero Art School, Yangon, Myanmar


March 28 to 31, 2017

Number of people outreached

100 children, 30 adults

Implementing Fellows

Aung Lin Hein (Myanmar)

Salai Thawng Hlaing Lung (Myanmar)(Fellow 2016/2017)

Arisara Pittayayon (Thailand)

Suwimol Sereepaowong (Thailand)

Arisara Pittayayon,Suwimol Sereepaowong, Aung Lin Hein, Salai Thawng Hlaing Lung